Delulu Is The Solulu: TikTok Explains Why Our Delusional Moments Are A Form Of Manifestation

Delulu come true.

Remember Isaac Newton from sixth grade? It’s all about the law of attraction.

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Have you ever attended a concert, thinking the lead vocalist would notice you in the crowd especially if you acted as if you weren’t interested? Maybe your campus crush looked in your direction for a split second, and suddenly, you’re married with two kids? Well, we’ve all had those delulu moments.

Delulu serves as a shorthand for ‘delusional’—saying something like ‘I’m being delulu’ means you’re believing things that couldn’t possibly be true. The term first emerged within a K-Pop fandom, where fans indulged in delusional behaviors like believing that a bias would develop feelings for a fan. By the time it entered mainstream media, the community used ‘being delulu’ as a catchy phrase to describe delusional thinking.

‘Delulu is the Solulu’

@jazzybaby99 delulu is the solulu part.2 🤪 #fyp #delulu #delusional #delulugirl #girlsgirl #relationship #love ♬ original sound – J A Z ❤️‍🔥🇮🇩

Isn’t delusion actually a bad thing? While it’s a Gen Z thing to romanticize narratives, it’s not always about escaping the real world. Instead, it represents a conscious choice to reinterpret scenarios, circumstances, and attitudes in a more mindful way. Amidst the stress and anxieties, delusional thinking casts self-confidence over whatever worries you. Being delulu serve as a reminder that within the confines of everyday routines, there’s room for endless possibilities.

‘May All Your Delulus Come Trululu’

@arcanumla #manifestation #spiritualtiktok #lawofattraction ♬ original sound – Arcanum LA

Looking back, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t delulu. Before becoming a writer, I was delusional in thinking that I deserved that position offer—even though there were more candidates with the same, if not better, potential. But I wouldn’t be working with my dream company if I hadn’t attracted the possibility into my life.

Remember Isaac Newton from sixth grade? It’s all about the law of attraction. You can manifest things to happen—the good and the bad. If it means having delusional moments, then pretend that the world is yours. Don’t worry, being delulu isn’t limited to fan fictions, imaginary boyfriends, or other romantic contexts. It extends to school presentations, job interviews, and even everyday interactions. When we’re envisioning an A+ during finals week, there is excitement, motivation, and a very optimistic outlook. Before you even realize, you’re graduating with Latin Honors.

Every delulu moment serves as a mini intention-setting session. When we’re imagining ourselves acing that interview or actually being THAT girl, we’re essentially stating our desire for success. So, the next time you find yourself lost in a daydream, recognize it for what it is—a testament to your creativity, your capacity for hope, and your yearning for something more.

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