best places to break up with someone

Heartbreak Anniversary: 8 Spots to Breakup with Your Not-So-Special Someone

A cool spot for closure.

Now that we’ve all matured and won’t break up over text, here’s a list of the best places for that ‘talk.’

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Breaking up is never easy. No one relishes the idea of delivering heart-wrenching news that has the potential to shatter someone’s world, especially when the love lingers on both sides. While we can be sympathetic, we can all agree that when you know the end is inevitable, putting off the conversation will only make things harder for you and your soon-to-be ex. That said, your next best thing? At least making the break-up memorable—in the best way possible.

Instead of the mundane backdrop of a tear-stained living room, why not choose a scenic route to bid farewell? Whether it’s a charming coffee shop or the top of a ferris wheel, some spots have the power to turn this somber situation into a bittersweet memory. Maybe it’s unconventional, but you can consider these 8 spots that will make your heartbreak anniversary a little unforgettable.

Amusement Park Parting

Who claimed Enchanted Kingdom or Sky Ranch are exclusively reserved for first dates and committed couples? For those who appreciate breaking up on a brighter note, an amusement park emerges as an unexpected stage for closure.

Amid the contagious laughter and adrenaline-pumping thrills, you can engage in ‘the talk’ while riding on top of the Ferris wheel. Who knows, the whimsical surroundings might serve as a tension-easing backdrop for a challenging conversation.

Baguio City—The Break Up Capital

If you’re convinced that Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines, think again—it’s actually the unrivaled breakup capital of the country, stealing the limelight from its sunny counterpart. Thanks to movies like That Thing Called Tadhana (2014), this city has become synonymous with break ups.

Coupled with a winter-like weather that fits perfectly with cold separations, you can choose between strolling down Session Road, sightseeing at the Mines View Public Park, or taking in the view from your hotel room.

Church Weddings? Nope.

Who would have thought a church could double as the stage for a breakup? While it might sound a bit offbeat, it actually comes with some surprising perks. Picture this: the hushed tones, the reverent ambiance—perfect for a breakup that’s all about respect. Plus, there’s something symbolic about parting ways in a place associated with forgiveness and reflection.

Come to think of it, breaking up in a church adds a touch of gravity to the situation, turning what could be a tough moment into an opportunity for open communication and understanding. The best part? There’s always a church somewhere.

Manila Bay

As your relationship takes its final bow, why not sever ties against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset? Wrapping up with an almost-ex at Manila Bay for a proper goodbye is probably one of the most cinematic exits from a relationship. The stunning sunset won’t mend a broken heart, but it might offer a smidge of solace.

And once you’ve bid adieu, you can clear your heads (and maybe shed a tear or two) while walking down the bustling Baywalk—because when it feels like you’re in a movie, there’s practically nothing a little ‘main character moment’ can’t fix.

Museum Date (or to Dump Someone)

If you’re up for a mini road trip to a scenic destination, you can never go wrong with a museum ‘date.’ Whether it’s Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo or the National Museum in Manila, it’s the perfect place with serene spaces to have ‘the talk.’ Breaking up in a museum also serves the advantage of surrounding yourselves with art and culture, providing a thoughtful backdrop that might ease the emotional weight of the conversation.

Lover’s Lane

Tucked away in the heart of the University of Santo Tomas, Lover’s Lane plays host to the daily lives of Thomasians, from cramming students dodging deadlines to daredevil speed-eaters tackling their meals. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there’s an unexpected star on this campus catwalk – the breakup brigade.

Forget about finding your ka-spark because, apparently, Lover’s Lane has become the unofficial stage for heart-wrenching farewells. So, whether you’re a seasoned student or a newcomer to the campus, consider Lover’s Lane not for stolen glances but as the backdrop for a breakup story.

The Tagay in Tagaytay

If Baguio City is too far for the awkward morning after the breakup, consider heading to Tagaytay. Still blessed with a chilly climate, you can choose between People’s Park or a corner cafe with a view of the ever-scenic Taal Volcano. And why not cap it off with a final late-night spin in the car, perhaps at that massive McDonald’s for old times’ sake?

Who knows? After the emotional rollercoaster, give your buddies a call and turn Tagaytay into a tagay-tay kind of night—a post-breakup party to welcome your ~healing era~.

UP Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden, the beating heart of the University of the Philippines Diliman, isn’t merely a venue for the infamous UP Fair; it’s also the unofficial stage for a myriad of breakups, drawing inspiration from the cinematic drama of Alone/Together (2019).

Sunken Garden possesses the perfect ingredients for an ideal breakup setting: It’s open to the public yet pleasantly serene, and you won’t have servers bustling to take your order or disrupt your heart-to-heart talk.

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