Say Hi to Longchamp x Toiletpaper: Your Classic LePliage Tote’s Playful, Whimsical Twin

DId someone say art?

Who’s ready to wear some art?

Get ready for a collaboration that will make you do a double-take! Longchamp has teamed up with Toiletpaper, the iconic and mischievous arts publication, for a vibrant partnership that takes the cult classic Longchamp Le Pliage® bag to a whole new level. Featuring five playful and imaginative designs that will definitely be a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Bold Imagery and Imaginative Design

The creative duo behind Toiletpaper, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, are known for their dedication to realism. The images for this collaboration were meticulously composed in the Toiletpaper studio in Milan, capturing genuine moments that blend surrealism and humor. Their commitment to authenticity led to an amusing incident involving leather-wrapped pipes borrowed from the Longchamp archive, transforming them into unexpected works of art.

The captivating images were meticulously crafted during an exhilarating multi-day photoshoot at Toiletpaper’s Milan studio. In a delightful twist, the duo playfully transformed leather-wrapped pipes borrowed from Longchamp’s archives into unique works of art, courtesy of a mischievous smoking dog.

The Collection: Youthful Expression Meets Luxury

This collaboration breaks the mold with a series of five imaginative designs that will make heads turn and ignite your imagination. Drawing inspiration from authentic Gallic icons like baguettes and French bulldogs, as well as Longchamp’s distinctive motifs such as the sprinting horse logo and the leather pipe, this collection fuses classic elements with contemporary visuals. The result? A stunning array of vibrant and hyperreal images that challenge conventions and invite you to see the world through a fresh, youthful lens.

Is It Art Or Is It Fashion?

This extraordinary partnership blurs the lines between two creative realms; Fashion and Art. Each piece is a masterful creation that exudes artistic ingenuity while embodying the essence of high-end fashion. Is it an avant-garde fashion statement or a work of art that belongs in a gallery? Longchamp x Toiletpaper refuses to be defined by a single label, embracing ambiguity and inviting individual perspectives. This collaboration ignites a dialogue between fashion enthusiasts and art connoisseurs, encouraging them
to explore the intersection of these creative disciplines.

As you explore the Longchamp x Toiletpaper collection, prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where creativity reigns supreme. Embrace the freedom to blur the lines and discover the captivating possibilities that arise when fashion and art intertwine.

The collection is now available in Rustan’s Shangri-La, Greenbelt 5, and Trunc.PH. Contact your favorite Rustan’s Personal Shopper on Call or get connected to one at 09171111952. 

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