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Fil-Am Rapper Saweetie Stars In A Beauty Campaign With Cher

How do we get in on this friendship??

The duo that we never knew we needed stars in a full blown disco dreamland for MAC Cosmetics.

When a rising icon of glamour meets a living, breathing legend, the world suddenly stops. So, when MAC Cosmetics tapped Fil-Am rapper Saweetie (aka Icy Girl) and Cher, the Goddess of Pop to star in their new campaign, it was truly a magical moment. Both musicians are superstars in their own right, championing ✨big female energy✨ in an industry dominated by men, which is what the beauty brand has always stood for: breaking the norms.

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The duo challenges their fans to put their favorite makeup products to the test in this new campaign. Long-lasting performance? Cher definitely knows that all too well. Having a career of six decades along with her ever-evolving beauty looks and fashion is a tough one to beat.

“So how did you do it Cher?,” asks Saweetie. Well, anything that she says automatically becomes iconic. And her reply sits right there with her best lines. “I’m like this lipstick. When I’m on, I’m on.”

Donning a hazy blue eyeshadow with rhinestones was definitely a look Cher would’ve worn back in a day. The things that raised eyebrows during her prime are the same things all pop stars of today are doing. Just look at all her major serves that were definitely controversial and iconic.

Saweetie on the other hand loves a good ol’ beat. She’s been killing it as per usual, having been chosen as MAC’s ambassador last year, getting her own McDonald’s meal, bagging Grammy noms here and there, and driving around town with Paris Hilton. No sweat! She’s been all about the hustle and longevity since day one. She drive her own car, she ‘on’t need no Lyft!

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Cher, Saweetie, and MAC Cosmetics wants you to outshine and outperform everybody with their products in the new #ChallengeAccepted campaign. Skydiving, swimming or just perfecting your beat at home? Smack that MAC on and see how it withstands the day’s hustle and bustle. Tap, tap, tap to see Cher and Saweetie’s favorite products here.

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