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6 Reasons Why Francine Diaz Is A Superstar In The Making

You dropped this Chin ?.

Young and the moment, Francine Diaz is that girl who has been making all the right moves.

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When you talk about today’s hottest young stars, the conversation isn’t complete without including Francine Diaz. In just a few years, the she went from supporting actress to emerging leading lady. She rocketed onto the scene thanks to her iconic role as Cassie Mondragon in Kadenang Ginto and she hasn’t slowed since. Aside from her acting capabilities, Francine has also a rolodex of traits that make her a top tier Gen Z star. And now that she just turned 18 years old, the young adult is now entering a new phase of her life and career which undoubtedly will take her to new heights. Here are six, among many, reasons why Francine Diaz is a shining star to watch out for.


Francine Diaz isn’t an in-demand actress just for nothing. Time and time again, Chin has proven that she has the acting chops. From romance, comedy, drama, thriller, and horror, Francine has done them all. Her roles in Kadenang Ginto and Huwag Kang Mangamba wonderfully show off her serious acting skills. While her participation in projects like the internationally recognized Tenement 66 and CLICK, LIKE, SHARE prove that she can do more than just a certain kind of character. With her set to star in the upcoming series Bola Bola this year, Francine looks to amaze us once more.


What Francine has now wasn’t given to her on a silver platter, far from it in fact. Growing up as the third of six siblings, she and her family struggled to make ends meet and afford basic necessities. They even had to ask to borrow money from their neighbors from time to time. Francine ended up becoming the breadwinner of the family at just 10 years old to support her family. But despite all the obstacles in her way, she persevered and worked hard to become the star that she is. She started with bit and minor roles, often playing the younger counterpart of the lead actress before taking on lead protagonist roles.


Chin’s family plays a very important role in her life. She is very close with her family and has even featured her siblings in some of her YouTube videos. In fact, many things she has done so far are to give her family a comfortable life. She revealed in an interview that helping her family has always been one of her biggest goals in life. It’s clear though that all her hard work has paid off as she was able to buy a house and car for her family, a top priority for the young star. She even pays for the tuition of her siblings because she wants to see them finish college.


With everything that has been going on for Francine, it would be understandable if she decided to focus fully on her career instead of school. But Francine has her priorities straight and decided to put her education as one of her main focuses in life. In 2021, the young star enrolled in Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) for senior high school. She’s currently under the Business Management strand of her school. While she has admitted that balancing her work and school is not easy, she remains committed to getting that degree. Francine has also expressed in pursuing a college degree in the future so that she has something to fall back to if her acting career doesn’t work out in the long run. Francine is out here showing us that no matter how big you get, education should always be a priority.


Some may assume that Chin acts in a certain way or is a too big of a star to talk to. But in reality, Francine stays grounded and is that kind of girl who you would want to be friends with. She has remained humbled despite what she has achieved and in the end of the day, is a regular teenage girl. Francine doesn’t she herself as above others. The fresh faced beauty can get serious when she has to, but she also has an admirable personality that makes her approachable.


At just 18 years old, Francine is one of the country’s top stars of her generation. And as such, she has become an in-demand personality. Aside from the projects Chin has lined up, she has been tapped either to endorse or be the face of some of the country’s biggest brands. You may have seen some of her commercials or passed a couple of her billboards along EDSA and other major thruways. She even got to open a fashion show for Michael Leyva wearing a breathtaking purple ball gown. And it so happened to be her very first fashion show. Secure that bag Francine.

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