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5 Beauty Looks You Can Copy From Francine Diaz, The Queen of No Makeup Makeup

Queen of freshness!

Make way for Francine Diaz, the bare-faced queen!

A young actress, leading lady in the making, and inspiration for fresh and oh, you know, natural makeup looks, Francine Diaz is definitely on the rise. Aside from winning the hearts of her fans, the Kadenang Ginto protagonist also proves that less is more. The golden girl isn’t afraid to go bare or go bold at times, and we stan her range. From her pink flushed look to wearing smokey eye makeup, here are five of Francine Diaz’s beauty moments that needs to be appreciated more.

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Francine Diaz likes to keep it subtle. This fresh, almost bare-faced look could probably be her signature and you can make it yours, too. You just need a dab of blush on the cheeks, (it has to look as if you just pinched it) at least two to three coats of mascara, winged eyeliner that extends just up to the corner of the eye, and clear gloss.


Proving that she can also be a tough one, Francine wears a soft smokey eye makeup look brought to life by RB Chanco and an asymmetrical hairstyle matched with accessories. You can achieve this by applying shades of brown ranging from light to dark, pencil eyeliner (to define your lower lash line as well), highlighter on the cheeks, brow pomade, and a matte lippie.


This summertime glow is brought to you by the one and only Francine Diaz and visualized by makeup artist Robbie Piñera. Cop the golden girl’s look by defining your brows, applying three to four coats of mascara on your upper and lower lash line to achieve her doll eyes, warm eyeshadow tones, and lip gloss. Don’t forget her signature blush-on and highlighter!


Perfecting her beat even more, Francine matches her smokey eye with a half updo by hairstylist Angel Jamelarin that helps in achieving the fox eye trend, as popularized by supermodel Bella Hadid. Instant eye lift it is!


Is it safe to say that Francine Diaz is the queen of au naturel? This pink flushed look by Robbie Piñera and waves by hairstylist Mark Familiara gives us all the freshness we need to make it through the week. All hail, bushy brows!

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