10 Young Stars Who Juggle Both Going To School And Having A Career

These stars prove that you can go to school and still have a career.

From Francine Diaz to Liza Soberano and Kisses Delavin, these young personalities not only have successful careers, but they also still go to school and juggle that with their career.

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Celebrities, they’re just like us. Even with all the success they have achieved, they still do things that regular people do, such as go to school. They have to deal with the same issues as any student has to go through such as homework, studying for exams, and doing projects. While it might seem that having a career in the entertainment and showbiz industry is daunting enough, there are some young stars who are currently in school and manage to have that work-school balance. More importantly, they are showing that education is still important. Here are 10 young stars who juggle both going to school and a career.

Francine Diaz

In the past couple of years, Francine Diaz’s star has risen substantially thanks to her starring role as Cassi Mondragon in Kadenang Ginto. She is currently in the TV series, Huwag Kang Mangamba, and is considered as one of the next rising stars of the new generation. Yet despite her success, she still focuses on her studies when she recently announced that she is going to Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) for senior high school. She currently is an SHS–ABM student.

Liza Soberano

To say that Liza Soberano is a superstar is an understatement. Over the past decade, Liza has risen to be one of the most famous celebrities in the Philippines. She has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows and was recently in Trese where she voiced the Filipino dub of the titular character. But did you know she’s also a college student? Liza is currently taking up a degree in psychology at Southville International School, the same degree as Jodi Sta. Maria just graduated with. Despite her busy schedule, Liza still makes time for her school work and realized that she wants to use her psychology degree to help people with severe mental health problems.

Claudia Barretto

Aside from being part of the famous Barretto family and being the younger sister of Julia Barretto, Claudia Barretto has made a name for herself as a rising OPM artist and she has already released a few singles. But her career isn’t the only thing Claudia is focused on as she is also a college student at Ateneo de Manila University. Claudia originally entered Ateneo as a Business Management student, but has since shifted to AB Psychology so that she can pursue her advocacy of mental health.

Heaven Peralejo

Ever since she appeared in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, Heaven Peralejo has gained a large following and has appeared and acted in TV shows. Even with everything that has been going for her, she still finds time to go to school. She currently is in her 4th year at Southville International School where she is taking up Business Management. She actually has vlogged about her life as a student.

Kisses Delavin

Like her fellow PBB Lucky 7 alum, Kisses Delavin’s career took off following her appearance and an eventual second-place finish on the show. Her credits include multiple guestings and appearances in TV shows and movies. She’s also released an album in 2017. But having a successful showbiz career from also going back to school. She’s currently a student at De La Salle University. When Kisses entered the PBB house, she actually was an accountancy major at La Salle, but had to leave because she was in the show. She went back to La Salle in 2019.

Cassy and Mavy Legaspi

Like their famous parents, Cassy and Mavy Legaspi have careers in the entertainment industry. Mavy is a model and endorser while Cassy is an actress who has starred in shows like First Yaya. But school still proves to be a priority for the Legaspi twins as both of them are also college students. Mavy is taking up Business Management, major in Entrepreneurship while Cassy is a Business Marketing major. Both of them have said that, while not easy, they’re willing to make sacrifices in order to go to school and have a career since they really want it.

Angelina Cruz

The eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz, Angelina is slowly taking after her mother. Angelina is an actress, endorser, and has even appeared in a few commercials with her famous mom. Angelina is also a singer and has released a series of singles in the past couple of years. She can also add college student to her resume as she currently is attending De La Salle University taking up a degree in Marketing Management. Like many of her peers, Angelina has said she has struggled with the online learning setup but has gotten used to it and is able to balance her work with school.

Juliana Gomez

Juliana Gomez has made a name for herself as a rising personality, influencer, and athlete. But despite everything that she is currently doing, she still considers education a priority for her. She currently is a 3rd-year college student at UP Diliman where she is taking up Public Administration. While Juliana is still unsure whether she would follow the footsteps of her famous parents, whether it be in showbiz or politics, she has said that she’s considering getting a master’s degree to further her education.

Alexa Ilacad

Alexa Ilacad has a thriving showbiz career. She’s been in movies like Four Sisters Before A Wedding. She’s acted in teleseryes. Alexa has even released her own music. On top of all of this, she is also a college student. She’s currently taking up a degree in Marketing at Treston International College. Alexa has been open in the past about how it can be very challenging to balance both work and school but said that it’s worth it and getting an education can serve as a fallback.

Gwy Saludes

If the name Gwy Saludes doesn’t ring any bells, then maybe her pen names of @gwyomi or @4reuminct will. Her fictional stories have gone viral over the internet such as her first hit Along Espanya (which is Kathryn Bernardo approved). The young writer and content creator has written and published numerous stories both on Twitter and on Wattpad. In fact, some of her Wattpad stories have even been published as physical books.

Gwy has gained a large following thanks to her writings, but even success at a young age won’t stop her from pursuing a degree in college. She is currently a college student at Ateneo De Manila University where she is taking up a major in BS Legal Management. She even has time to be part of an org, her home org, Lex. On her YouTube channel, Gwy has talked about what it’s like being a college student and how she studies.

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