francine diaz 18th birthday shoot princess gown dress

Francine Diaz Looked Like Real Life Royalty In Her 18th Birthday Shoot

She isn't called the Golden Girl for nothing.

Could it get any better? Someone give Francine Diaz the role of a princess already.

Francine Diaz is on a roll. Well, it is what she deserves. From new acting projects, trending on social media almost everyday, and landing endorsements left and right, she just keeps on proving that she is that girl. So, for her much-awaited 18th birthday celebration, she had the most fitting theme for her shoot. Set in the fields, the moment was immortalized with Francine looking like a princess straight out a fantasy wearing a tulle ball gown by Filipino designer Steph Tan.

Francine is, for the most part, achieving her dreams one by one. From playing minor roles since she was 12 to starring in internationally-recognized films like Tenement, it makes sense that she’d also pick a location that felt like a dream. Surrounded by nothing but a huge tree, some flowers, and a bed, this is now Francine’s reality.


If you’re a Swiftie, you’d also recognize how Francine’s birthday shoot is somehow giving us major Love Story vibes and we’re totally freaking out. Back in November, she had a fangirl moment when she found out about Taylor’s new short film All Too Well, which just makes perfect sense.


Still not convinced that she’s actually fit for royalty? Earlier during her birthday performance on the ASAP stage, Francine wore a yellow tulle gown complete with gloves and a choker reminiscent of one of our favorite Disney princesses, Belle. She’s pretty much like her character—smart, beautiful, and regal. Props to her for also having her hair half up like Belle! If you can also remember, Francine also walked the runway for Michael Leyva last year wearing a lilac gown that was similar to Rapunzel.

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