8 Ranz And Niana Vlogs That Made Them YouTube Sensations

They're the top Filipino Youtubers for a reason.

From their carpool jams to their dance challenges, here are some of the most viewed Ranz and Niana videos that made the internet go crazy.

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Today, it would no doubt be difficult for anyone who wants to break into the video blogging and vlogging scene to make a mark now that the online space has become so content-saturated. In the realm of YouTube, an overwhelming number of content creators are competing for the views, carving out their niche markets, with some even resorting to misleading clickbaits (e.g. Filipino-baiting) just to rack up numbers and earnings overnight. 

But comfortably ahead of this competition are some of the pioneer Filipino YouTubers who, even with the advantage of being among the OG vloggers, have remained consistent and more importantly, unproblematic, in their endeavors. We’re talking about the sibling duo Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero who have remained at the top of their game ever since they started in the early 2010s. And in the spirit of their recent walk-of-fame milestone, Niana’s Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards nomination, and Ranz’s nomination for Favorite YouTuber at the Big, Bold, Brave Awards, let’s look at some of their most popular vlog entries that made them ultimate smash hits.


Look at that teeny-tiny innocent Niana! This less than two-minute video of Niana jamming gloriously (with her seatbelt on) to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You is currently the most viewed Ranz and Niana video together with a whopping 86 million views. And who wouldn’t groove to this video with that level of cuteness and some heart-pounding beats?


Just in time for the season of love, here’s another video of Ranz and Niana during Valentine’s Day in 2017 while in their element: some sibling banter with a touch of music and Niana’s endearing innocence. Well, to be fair to Ranz, a lot has changed since this video (which has been viewed over 50 million times), including his love life fortunately.


And the most chill brother award goes to…Ranz Kyle. The most popular video in Niana’s channel, here’s another car jam where Niana lets it all out much to the quiet and forced nonchalance of her brother. If anything, this is one of those videos which shows the first signs of Niana becoming the swaggy dancer that she is now.


Making us all smile and, well, dance even amid the pandemic is Niana’s Savage Love vlog, not just with her kuya Ranz this time, but her entire family: daddy Niño, mommy Elcid, sisters Chelsea and Nina, and little Natalia. Watched almost 60 million times, it seems that a number of families have taken on the Savage Dance challenge because of the Guerrero fam. 


In their carpool video comeback in 2019, Ranz and Niana introduced a new member of the pack, their youngest sibling Natalia. And it looks like dance and fire attitude really run in their blood as Natalia also kills it busting some moves and little facial expressions to BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love. In Niana’s video, Natalia’s talent shines wherever and whenever needed; be it in a grocery store, a park, or outside their home. The Guerrero genes are really something. 


One of their most popular and first longform vlogs is this video of Ranz and Niana going extreme with the spicy noodle challenge. And as you may have expected, it’s 18 minutes of screaming, crying, and Ranz and Niana’s signature sibling bond that is as charming as it is entertaining.


Leveling their game up, Ranz and Niana collabs with their fellow vlogger Motoki Maxted in one hell of a jamming session that includes hits from five years ago and will inevitably get you nostalgic. Per usual, it’s triple the goodness and entertainment as proven by how it became such a hit for their audience, all 39 million of them.

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