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Bow Down Because The Philippines Just Won Miss Eco International 2022

Playing safe won't save you and Kathleen Paton surely took the risk.

Kathleen Paton’s answer was a quick reality check.

If this doesn’t prove that the country is home to the best queens, then we don’t know what will. Just a few hours ago, Miss Eco International 2022 crowned Kathleen Paton of the Philippines as the grand winner—the second time we’ve won after Cynthia Tomalla in 2018. Safe to say that we’re on a roll with our winning streak, starting with Miss Aura International 2021 Alexandra Faith Garcia, Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne, Miss Intercontinental 2021 Faye Obeñita, and now, Miss Eco International 2022 Kathleen Paton. Whew. For real though, we held our breath while recounting those titles, because it’s honestly a lot of victories to celebrate!

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Kathleen Paton is no stranger to the beauty world. She’s won a total of four titles: Miss Teen International in 2017, Miss Manila in 2018, Miss Eco International Philippines 202, and her recent crown. With everything that she’s been through, the Filipino-Australian’s advocacy is mental health awareness and conserving the environment. Out of 40 candidates, she made it to Top 21 after winning the Best Eco Video Award. Kathleen then made it to the ranks when she landed the Top 10 list, with a realistic answer about water pollution.

But everyone else was stirred after she answered the question that secured her spot in the Top five. It’s a topic that’s been controversial for most public figures and Kathleen answered with grace. “As a title holder, you’re a public figure. Do you think it’s important to stay neutral on controversial social issues or to use your title to promote your own belief and why?” Most people would expect beauty queens to stay away from social issues, but not this woman.

It’s a very tough question because we are at the forefront of opinions and negativity every single day, especially on social media. I do believe as a leader and as someone who is very influential in society, we sometimes have to use our voice in a very neutral state of mind because we have a very influential position. But in doing, we also have to use our voice in order to motivate other people to stand up for what is right and I think that takes a lot of good moral compass.” Kathleen Paton speaking facts! And just like that, we’ve brought back the Miss Eco International 2022 crown to the Philippines. *Mic drop*

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