NYLON Manila Fit Picks: The Necktie

They mean business!

While the necktie is mostly seen as a menswear staple, these females mean business with their take on the boss ‘tude, too.

Avril Lavigne, Blair Wardolf of Gossip Girl, Hermoine Granger of Harry Potter, and Japanese school girls are just a few of the icons in pop culture that had females wearing neckties. Admit it, there is that cool, effortless vibe to them, and at some point, you’ve wanted to have the same put together, but also, bad-ass vibe. Who doesn’t love that main character energy? Whether it’s slim, embellished or a mini, these girls show us how it’s done. Scroll down below for our favorite outfit picks!

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Colet of BINI means business! Styled by Ica Villanueva, Colet paired her necktie with a glittery vest and white chunky boots.


How is Liza Soberano even real? Her stylist Perry Tabora paired her necktie with matching tennis skirt and a cropped leather jacket. It’s giving animé school girl.


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Nadine Lustre ups her style game in this outfit that blurs the lines of menswear and womenswear. Here’s your sign to wear an oversized blazer, button down, chunky boots, and yes, a necktie.


Petition to make Dua Lipa the prime minister of the UK, ASAP! Raising hell at the Brit Awards, her stylist Lorenzo Posocco dressed her in a mini skirt with the flag, a button-down, and a corset paired with of course, a necktie.


Safe to say, Bella Hadid loves her neckties. Probably the third time she’s been spotted wearing the staple, Bella blessed us with this business casual look straight out of the Givenchy show.


Looking like an agent from Men in Black, Janine Berdin wears her necktie with a leather jacket and some good ‘ol combat boots.


We love model Justin Llarena’s school girl moment as seen on her recent outfit post. Not to mention her haircut that’s similar to Gogo Yubari of Kill Bill.


Yep, she said it. Wearing a business casual look for the Iris Apfel party, Barbie Ferreira is a head-turner in her heavily-jeweled necktie and pin striped-corset.


How can we forget the queen herself? Whatever you did, she’s already done that 10 years ago. Only the real ones know!


While she clearly isn’t wearing a necktie, this Bella Poarch outfit is definitely one for the books. If that’s how you wear bowties with a twist, then we’re here for it!

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