The New Movies And Shows Of May 2022 That Are Going Straight To Our Watchlist

The Force is strong in this list.

From Doctor Strange 2, Stranger Things season 4, and 2 Good 2 Be True, May is filled with new movies and shows to sink your time into.

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Believe it or not, it’s already the month of May. And while the month is the shortest in terms of word count, it isn’t lacking when it comes to happenings. For starters, it’s the national and local elections on May 9, so please, vote and have a say in your and the country’s future. Also, the month has its fair share of new movies, shows, and other releases to keep you entertained. Whether it be traveling through the Marvel multiverse, the comeback of an iconic love team, or returning to a galaxy far, far away, May has offerings for a variety of tastes. Here are just some of the new movies and shows that should be on your radar.  


A culmination of recent MCU plot lines, to say that Doctor Strange 2 is a hyped film is an understatement. Directed by Sam Raimi, the movie sees Benedict Cumberbatch once more in the titular role as he teams up with Wanda Maximoff to try to fix the multiverse following the events of No Way Home. At the same time, Strange will also have to deal with Karl Mordo and his quest to rid the universe of wizards.

Seeing Wanda back again after the events of WandaVision is already exciting enough. But with tantalizing teases that the movie will also feature cameos from many Marvel characters has us itching to watch this. Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, and Chiwetel Ejiofor will all reprise their roles from the original while Xochitl Gomez will play America Chavez, a girl with the ability to travel between universes who eventually becomes the superhero Miss America. The movie is set for a release in local cinemas on May 4. Pro tip, if you want to catch up on the story before watching this, it is recommended that you catch Doctor Strange 1, WandaVision, What If…?, and No Way Home first.


You probably have heard of the term Stockholm Syndrome. It’s the psychological phenomenon in which a captive develops positive feelings for his/her captors as a way to cope with the stress. But have you ever wondered where that term came from? Wonder no more as this new show aims to answer that. Clark is a series that follows Clark Olofsson (played by Bill Skarsgard), one of the most notorious criminals in Sweden. His crimes are the basis behind Stockholm Syndrome and this series will follow that as well as his other notable and over-the-top crimes. You can stream the series on Netflix starting May 5.


Love a good mystery? Then you may want to catch this new Netflix series. Coming from Spain, this show follows a group of young adults on and island getaway of their dreams that’s sponsored by a new drink. But they soon realize that what they go through is not what they signed up for. Welcome To Eden lands on Netflix on May 6.


A K-drama featuring an A-list cast, magic, a heartwarming story, and it’s a musical? The Sound of Magic has us intrigued. The series centers on three people, the enigmatic magician Ri-eul (Performed by Ji-Chang Wook), Yoo Ah-yi (Performed by Choi Sungeun), and Na Il-deung (Performed by Hwang In Youp). Rumor has it that a magician lives at an abandoned amusement park, and he can make someone disappear for good.

Yoon Ah-Yi, a girl struggling to feed herself and her sister, experience her life change as she meets the mysterious magician Ri Eul. As Ai is forced to become an adult early, she becomes more and more distant from her childhood dream of becoming a magician and through Ri Eul, Ai and Il-Deung come to think of the true value of life. This fantasy music series is set to share a message of what it is to become a grown-up through a magical yet mysterious storyline. The series premiers on Netflix this May 6.


With the shift in culture and technology, what was once popular in high school then is not what’s popular now. This is the awkward situation that Rebel Wilson’s latest comedy dwells on. The comedic film follows Rebel’s character, a cheerleading captain, who accidentally falls off a cheerleading pyramid and enters into a 20 year coma. When she wakes now, she must return to high school as a 37-year-old to finish her senior year. As you can expect, it’s not a smooth transition. Senior Year streams on Netflix beginning May 13.  


KathNiel fans get excited! The long wait is finally over as the power couple are set to star in their very first TV show in years. The rom-com series centers on Ali and Eloy, two strangers who discover that their lives are more intertwined then they realized and even develop feelings for one another. Aside from the fact that this is a KathNiel project, the series is special because it will be the very first time that a local TV show will be premiered on TV and Netflix at the same time. You can catch an early preview of the show on Netflix beginning May 13.


If the title sounds familiar, then you’ve probably read the book it’s based on or the 2009 movie adaptation of it starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. This time, this new adaptation is a six episode series. The plot remains the same in that it centers on a couple, Clare and Henry, who go through the ups and down of life that’s not helped by the fact that Henry suffers a rare genetic disorder that causes him to time travel. If you want to know how a series adaptation of the novel will look like, you can stream the show on HBO Go on May 15.


From Wit Studios, the creators of the last three seasons of Attack on Titan, comes their latest project Vampire in the Garden. This anime series is set in a world where vampires and humans used to live in harmony before that peace was broken and led to war. Now, two girls, one vampire and one human, will go on a journey that may end the divide. Expect some drama, action, and maybe a few buckets of blood when the series drops on Netflix on May 16.


Men centers on a woman named Harper. After going through a traumatic experience, she decides to move to the English countryside to get away for a bit. But she soon realizes that someone or something is stalking her. I mean, the name says it all, what more can we say. In all seriousness though, this horror movie’s plot has us intrigued. And it also comes from the mind of Alex Garland, the director behind Annihilation and Ex Machina, so you’re in for a twisty ride. The film hits theaters on May 20.


Tom Cruise is back to his action hero ways in Top Gun: Maverick, the long awaited sequel to the 1986 classic. Set decades after the original, the sequel sees Tom Cruise return to his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell where he trains a new generation of pilots that leads to lessons and revelations for the newbies and Maverick himself. If the idea of Tom Cruise flying fighter jets isn’t exciting enough for you, then know that Lady Gaga also made an original song for the movie called Hold My Hand that’s honestly worth the price of admission alone. Top Gun: Maverick flies its way onto local theaters on May 25.  


We’re ending the month of May with a bang. What originally started out as a film has since been turned into a six part series that’s been a long time coming for many fans. Ewan McGregor is back to reprise his role as the titular Jedi Master. The series follows him as he watches over a young Luke Skywalker all while avoiding the Empire’s Jedi Hunters intent on wiping out the remaining Jedi in the galaxy. Obi Wan’s return, an exciting new chapter in the Star Wars canon, and the much-anticipated return of Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader make for a potentially epic series. The show premieres on Disney+ on May 27.


While these shows aren’t technically new, they are premiering new seasons that you should be aware of. HACKS Season 2 (May 12), BLING EMPIRE Season 2 (May 13), LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS Volume 3 (May 20), RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 (May 20), Gameboys Season 2 (May 22), STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Volume 1 (May 27).

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