MimiRah: Mimiyuuuh And Sarah Geronimo’s Chemistry Is Everything In This Vlog

Ms. Sarah work po tayo opo.

From a Dati-Dati dance collab to their sweet little moments together, here are some of the highlights of the Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo crossover that we all need.

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Years ago, back when she still had her iconic Lucky Star drawer as her backdrop, Mimiyuuuh had been sharing her so-called wisdom and talent to many local celebrities. From singing (her vocalizinationism hits different), dancing (she made Kahit Ayaw Mo Na and Sulutera viral for a reason) and caroling, to dressing up, being a total performer, and making hydrogen, name it, Mimiyuuuh can do it. 

One of the blessed few that received Mimiyuuuh’s instruction is the pop royalty herself, Sarah Geronimo, in a vlog where Mimi became the dance instructor of the Tala hitmaker. It was ten minutes of purely entertaining content that, thanks to Mimi and Sarah G’s effortless connection, lifted our spirits up during the height of the pandemic. 

A couple of years later, the two have reunited in another vlog that would surely put a smile on your faces once more. Here are some of the highlights of the MimiRah (as Mimiyuuh calls it) comeback that you won’t get enough of.


Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo vlog

From having their first collab vlog years ago, this time, Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo have met on an ad project that they’re both a part of. It’s quite a full circle moment for Mimi and Sarah G, who feel like two besties who’ve never really lost touch with each other.

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There’s this vibrant spark between them in their little catching-up bits that ultimately leads to, of course, a rare and special Dati-Dati TikTok collaboration. “Mimi, ‘di ako nagti-TikTok ah, pero para sa’yo,” says the ever-humble pop superstar. Their TikTok video has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. What a comeback, indeed.


Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo vlog

In one instance, Mimiyuuuh couldn’t help but channel her inner dance coach just like years ago in a rehearsal with Sarah Geronimo. “Miss Sarah ah, focus ah,” Mimi jokingly quips as the two burst into laughter.


Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo vlog

In a sweet little moment together, Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo get to catch up together and share how they’ve been watching each other’s works. The Sarah G says that she’s watched Mimi’s collab with Nadine Lustre while Mimi replies that she’s watched the award-winning singer-actress’ vlog with Pinoy chef-influencer, Ninong Ry. Nothing here, just two incredibly successful girls rooting for each other.


Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo vlog

The go-to motivator that she is, Mimiyuuuh is also able to live out her Monday motivation self in front of the Sarah G. “Work tayo, Ms. Sarah,” says Mimi in one moment where they get too preoccupied with their chikahan.


Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo vlog

There’s also a part in the vlog where the tone gets a little bit serious but ultimately uplifting. In between takes, one of the producers gets to share some wise words with Mimiyuuh, who has just been in a break-up recently. “Tandaan mo ‘to Mimi: If someone lets go of your hand, isipin mo na lang, you get your own hand back.” A beautiful and relevant piece of advice for the emotionally struck Mimi. “Ang sarap alagaan ng emotions [natin]. Kailangan po ‘yon eh no,” Sarah Geronimo adds.

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