Nadine Lustre Welcomes You To Her YouTube Channel

"Don't forget to like and subscribe." - Nadine Lustre

We’ve never clicked the subscribe button this fast before.

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Over the years, more celebrities are tapping into the power of YouTube to entertain, tell stories, and broaden their ways of connecting with their supporters. And it also proves to be effective and convenient for the fans to know their favorite idols better and to join them in their adventures or everyday activities. This year, another prime star is getting into the world of vlogging much to the surprise and inevitable delight of everyone. It’s none other than the president herself, Nadine Lustre.


Yes, we know you’ve never clicked the subscribe button so fast before like when you did after Filipino superstar Nadine Lustre announced her YouTube channel on February 15, 2023. And making sure we’ve felt loved during this love month, Nadine knows that the start of her vlogger era is what we all need.

And if that 30-second introduction video is anything to go by, it seems that we’ll be treated to well-crafted, excitingly different, and creative vlog entries soon. Styled in a Gucci ‘fit and white knee-high boots, all while pulling a sofa to sit on, Nadine Lustre is so prepared it’s goosebumps-inducing. Add to that the distinct color-grading and editing, and you’re witnessing the Filipino vlogging standard getting redefined. She’s Nadine Lustre for a reason.

Another thing that also excites the fans are the themes of content that Nadine Lustre will be tackling in her videos. And the multihyphenate that she is, there seems to be a vast array of interesting ideas that her voice will fit well. From her mental health and environmental advocacies, her life as a Siargao girl, and her colorful travels to beauty and fashion, her business endeavors, or even music-related vlogs, there are a lot that Nadine Lustre can cover effectively. Maybe even more spellbinding performances like this or a Paligoy-Ligoy dance tutorial that’s long overdue, fingers crossed.

Nadine Lustre New Youtube Channel Vlog
Photo from <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompCopNYJVS21Zhl=en target= blank rel=noopener title=>Nadine Lustres IG<a>

It truly is a great time in the world of local vlogging everytime a new creator comes to the scene. But with a caliber such as Nadine’s, it just gets more interesting as we know that she’ll not only diversify the choices of online content we consume, but also up the ante with her creative storytelling. There’s no schedule yet as to when her next video will drop but you know her, she’ll always make it worth the wait. Oh, and also, there’s this fake channel that’s been stealing views. Just report it when you can. 

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