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Age Is Just A Number: Nadine Lustre Wins The Internet With This Scorching Clapback

Another day, another slay for Nadine.

Nadine Lustre has once again proved that she is our unbothered Filipina queen with her response to an online hater who criticized her look.

As much as we want them to cease existing, bashers will always have the time and energy to spread negativity. Even in 2022, where everyone’s working hard to imbibe body positivity and a forward-thinking mindset, haters are always going to hate. One of their victims is no less than the Filipina Queen herself, Nadine Lustre.

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Last weekend, some haters tried it by trying to age shame Nadine, something the superstar wasn’t having. “I find it so weird when people say I’ve changed and I look older,” the award-winning multihyphenate says in a powerful clapback of a tweet addressed to those who keep criticizing her looks. “What? Were you expecting me to be the same person when I was 21?” While Nadine has not specifically mentioned a name or an instance, it’s clear that it’s another case of undeserved hatred.

Fans were quick in expressing their support for the singer-actress who will turn 29 on October 31. One netizen considers Nadine’s words as “sunday gospel” while others were greeting her in advance for her birthday next week; a fan has even jokingly asked about Nadine’s handa for her birthday. 

But that wasn’t the only clapback Nadine attended to, this time for someone coming again for her morena skin. Clearly, the hater didn’t take the hint from her past internet takedowns. Nadine proved once again her being an iconic queen in her response to the hatred-filled quote tweet ridiculing her physical appearance. It was a fiery burn from a goddess that not even the medics could heal.

Nadine isn’t new to online bullying. Just last April, she encountered another form of unwarranted bashing on her TikTok dance video for a cellphone brand. “I’ve always been bullied since I was younger, so I’m totally used to it. I’ve become bullet proof,” she declares in a tweet. “I’m very much concerned for people who don’t have the same mental + emotional load as me.” The unbothered queen adds that despite the criticisms, her video has still received millions of views. “Y’all can chill now, no need to make bantay to defend” Nadine tweets to comfort her supporters, “grateful for all of you.”

While Nadine is busy killing bashers with kindness, she’s also busy supporting advocacies especially toward mental health. She’s one of the speakers of Mind You’s National Mental Health Summit 2022  that starts this October 25 as part of Mental Health Month. She joins a panel discussion on main obstacles and challenges surrounding mental health in the Philippines. “As a young girl, there’s so many things that I really didn’t understand about myself. I was really struggling with my mental health,” Nadine says about her experience. “I didn’t understand what I was going through. My parents didn’t understand it as well. So it’s important to really raise awareness [about] mental health and to really talk about it.” 

nadine lustre clapback

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