8 Times Nadine Lustre Taught Us To Love Ourselves

An inspiring baddie.

Award-winning performances and bops aren’t the only things Nadine Lustre has given us. She has also helped us see our inner beauty.

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Fearless, vulnerable, and confident are all words that can be used to describe Nadine Lustre. While showbiz intrigue and rumors may hound her, that isn’t stopping the superstar from being true to who she is. Nadine’s actions and statements have been consistent words of wisdom to live by.

Despite the pressures of being a public figure, the way Nadine carries herself shows us that your self-worth is way more important than pleasing a certain group of people. And that is one of the many reasons why we love her. Not only is Nadine Lustre an empowered woman, but she also helps others be the same. Let’s take a look at those memorable times when the internet’s president reminded us to love ourselves a little bit more today.


Nadine Lustre embracing her natural skin color

Nadine Lustre is a stunning morena beauty. But people have actually said that she’s ugly because of her skin color. In past interviews, she’s revealed that she used to be bullied for being morena. “Like, even with my skin, I always get bashed [for] it because I’m naturally Morena. People would say na, ‘Ay she’s dark, she’s not beautiful.’ You know, as a young girl who was going through that, it made me feel na I was ugly and I wasn’t worth it,” she said during a panel discussion during Mind You’s 2022 Mental Health Summit. She even lost a few projects because of how she looked.

But despite that, Nadine is proud of her skin color and is not afraid to deliver scorching burns to anyone who thinks otherwise. Don’t let society tell you that lightening your skin color is best, because Nadine isn’t listening to that BS.


We all age, it’s a matter of fact. And while society’s beauty standards expect people to look like their twenty all the way into their retirement age, that is far from the truth. Even Nadine knows this when she took to Twitter to call out trolls who said she looks different even though she’s 29 years old. Age is just a number, and just because you’re getting one year older doesn’t mean you’re getting uglier. Ageism has no place in society so don’t be afraid that your age is going up by one. You’re entering a new era that’s worth celebrating.


While society tries to instill the idea that a perfect body, especially for women, means no physical marks, that is far from the case. It’s perfectly normal to have stretch marks and it’s something that shouldn’t deem you less than. Just look at Nadine posting a photo of herself promoting a beer brand that also showed off her stretch marks. Nadine is still as beautiful as ever, stretch marks and all, and so are you.


For years, one of Nadine’s biggest advocacies has been destigmatizing mental health in the Philippines. With the personal struggles the star has been through, Nadine knows all too well the pitfalls of not taking your mental health seriously. She has consistently strived to make mental health services more widely available in the country and even invested in Mind You to achieve that goal. Nadine isn’t afraid to talk about her mental struggles and call out boomers who try to downplay it all with the hopes that others will take the time to prioritize their mental well-being. So, before you go about your day, take the time to pause and ask yourself, “How am I doing?”


Nadine Lustre bikini lying down

Nadine’s constant shuttling from Manila to Siargao has been the talk of the town for months. But aside from the fact that she’s living her island girl life, one thing we can take from this is finding that safe space. Nadine has said that moving to Siargao has made her happier, healthier, and more at peace.

Her move away from Manila made her realize just how many unnecessary problems she had. While that safe space doesn’t have to be an actual place, it can be a person or even an object, what matters is that you find that thing where you can feel like life isn’t trying to suffocate you. If Nadine can find her peace, so can you.


No matter how many times the body shamers come for Nadine Lustre, the award-winning actress will always have a clapback ready to go. Her empowering tweet about how she needs to get new jeans because her old ones are feeling a little tight shows us that she isn’t ashamed of gaining a few pounds. While certain close-minded people will judge those who don’t look paper thin, that should never stop you from accepting your body. We all have our own body types, from naturally skinny to curvy. But like Nadine, we shouldn’t feel worthless just because we don’t look like people on billboards or in ads. Embrace those curves.


Nadine Lustre has, is, and will continue to be a proud ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. In case you forgot, she donated to and attended the Metro Manila Pride March in 2019. Nadine also participated in a fundraiser with TaskUs in 2021 to raise money for the Golden Gays and other displaced drag queens. The gays love her for a reason. Nadine shows us that being true to who you are and loving who you want to love is no problem. As they say, love is love is love, and that is something the world needs a lot more of.


Nadine Lustre black outfit

As a public figure, Nadine is used to people constantly pointing out her flaws. It even reached a point where she used to mold herself based on what people told her early on in her career. But now, she realized that was wrong, and instead of beating herself up over it, she learned to embrace them. “I realized that I’m unique and no one else has what I have, so I just have to be proud of it and embrace it,” she shared in an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Your “flaws” are not what makes you a bad person, they’re what make you unique and stand out from the crowd. So, like Nadine, don’t try to be like what people say, because you lose what’s inherently beautiful about yourself.

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