Liza-Nadine Mind You Podcast Mental Health

Nadine Lustre Shared With Liza Soberano How She Takes Care Of Her Mental Health

Don't lock up your personal struggles.

In the latest episode of Liza Soberano’s podcast, Nadine Lustre opened up about the different methods she employed to deal with her mental health struggles.

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Nadine Lustre is known for many things. She’s an actress, musician, entrepreneur, LGBTQIA+ ally, and environmental advocate just to name a few. But the multi-hyphenate star is also one who knows how to keep it real. Nadine always speaks out for what she believes in and stands up for her advocacies. She walks the talk when others try to keep it cute. And Nadine’s being outspoken includes her battles with mental health, something that is extremely close to her and her family. She isn’t afraid to clapback at those who try to downplay the seriousness of the issue. And just recently, we got to her from President Nadine herself on how she has been able to cope with her mental health.


Nadine was the latest guest on Liza Soberano’s Mind You podcast and among other things, Nadine shared to her fellow superstar the journey with her mental health. In a vulnerable moment, Nadine told Liza that she first felt that something was wrong with her mental health during 2015 as she was filming OTWOL. She admitted that while she did feel off, she didn’t figure out the root cause right away. She explained that during her birthday trip to Korea in 2015, she felt disinterested in nearly everything she did. It was only later on that Nadine realized that her mental health was the cause of her concerns.

During the interview, Nadine attributed part of her struggles with how she used to keep everything inside of her. She shared how growing up as a kid, she wasn’t one to open up to her parents too much, especially since she was the eldest in her family. Even as late as 2020, Nadine would bottle up her feelings and let all that negative energy warp her way of thinking.


So, how did Nadine address and fight through her mental health struggles? According to the actress and musician, it really helps to let a good cry out. Nadine and her best friend would have cry fests for a good emotional purge. “We wanna talk about our emotions and what we are dealing with and to just release. As soon as you let it all out, automatic na you find solutions. That’s always been my process of dealing with stuff,” she said. What has also helped Nadine a lot is the help of her good friend and life coach, Tita Cindy. When asked by Liza if she sought the advice of a therapist, Nadine said that she instead has a life coach in Tita Cindy. “She pretty much held my hand through the roller coaster that I was on in the [past] couple of years.”

According to Nadine, she first met her during an album launch of a close friend. Tita Cindy wanted to talk to Nadine at the party and a couple of weeks later, they had a session at Nadine’s place. Unlike some life coaches, she used a more holistic approach and employed the Millennium Method, a relatively new form of alternative healing that uses the power of energy. Tita Cindy uses cards with different designs to them, similar to that of tarot cards. But it differs as “[I]t shows you that all the things you are having problems with or things you need to work on.” As narrated by Nadine, Tita Cindy would go to the back of her nape and “downloads the cards.”


Some might see it as odd, and the star herself admits that there are people in her life who think it’s crazy, but Nadine believes in the power of energy. More importantly, she considers Tita Cindy as a best friend who’s there 24/7 whenever she’s dealing with anxiety. A shoulder to cry on for Nadine, she uses her energy-focused teachings to help Nadine achieve inner peace and manifest great things. Speaking of manifesting, that also has played a strong role in Nadine’s life. Back in around April-May 2021, Tita Cindy had Nadine write down on a piece of paper where she wanted to be in six months in an exercise on manifestation. She wrote “near the ocean or the mountains” and in just a few months, Nadine found herself living in Siargao. So, you could say Nadine manifested her move to the island.

Nadine’s belief in the power of energy is also reflected on her beliefs in the afterlife. In a candid moment, Nadine told Liza that she has accepted her brother’s passing. She felt that his spirit was too kind for this world and that he wanted to be in another plane. Nadine also believes that her brother is still with her spiritually. In fact, Nadine shared how Tita Cindy told her once that it was Nadine’s brother who reached out to her to tell her that Nadine needed help.


Whether or not you agree with Nadine is up to you. But how she has dealt with her mental heath shows us that everyone has their own paths and journeys. What Nadine went through may not necessarily relate to you and that’s fine. We all deal with our personal struggles differently. What’s important though is that we recognize the problem and address it accordingly. As we can learn from Nadine Lustre, it helps to not keep everything inside of you like a box. There’s little point in keeping it locked up inside you. Let it out to the appropriate audience or even just through a good scream or cry. There’s no shame with seeking help if need be, even Nadine Lustre herself has people to go to for support.

Aside from mental health, the podcast is also filled with other interesting discussions between two people many have wished to work together for a long time. In the episode, Nadine also opens up about her life in Siargao, what’s next for her career, her wasabi ice cream recipe, and much more. Listen to the podcast below.

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