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Blake Lively As Lady Liberty, Kim K’s Marilyn Monroe Moment, And More Met Gala 2022 Show-Stoppers

Kim K wore Marilyn Monroe's 60-year old dress. ?

Did everybody get the gilded glamour memo at the Met Gala 2022?

The First Monday of May finally made a comeback, and it had us at the edge of our seats until the very end, waiting for the stars who had the most extra entrance at the red carpet. Remember when Lady Gaga outdid herself on the stairs of the Met and had four outfit changes in 2019? The Met Gala felt a little different this year, knowing that there was no Zendaya, Rihanna, Beyoncé or Ariana Grande in attendance. But the “Gilded Glamour and White Tie” theme (alluding to America’s Gilded Age in the 19th century) was enough for us to anticipate who would bring our their best ~Bridgerton~ look.

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Now, if you’re wondering why only a few celebrities were on theme this year, a fashion editor on TikTok spills the tea that it’s a business move by big fashion houses. The brand buys a table, which costs $300,000 each, and they extend their invite to celebrities that they want, not the Met Gala committee. They get to control what they wear, and some of them use this opportunity to showcase their newest collection rather than to follow the theme, proving that it’s one big PR flex. Nevertheless, we still got a few red carpet surprises at the Met Gala 2022.

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Coming from her Marilyn Monroe-inspired glam last year, Billie Eilish kills it again in her best Gilded Glamour look. She pretty much looks like the 1885 portrait of Madame Poirson by John Singer Sargent painting, but with a modern faux hawk that was very her. The best part? Her Gucci gown was entirely upcycled.


Where do we even begin? Blake Lively’s entire Met Gala 2022 look was simply iconic. It was well-thought out too with every single detail in the gown that was inspired by New York’s cultural pillars. From the oxidation process of Lady Liberty hence the reveal, the embroidery on the trail, which mirrored the Grand Central Station’s ceiling, and the architecture of the Empire State. Watch the magic happen below:


Let us thank Filipino-American Gossip Girl star Evan Mock for simply not showing up in a boring suit. He’s honestly one of the few attendees who were on theme. Evan also shared in his Instagram stories that his Cartier necklace alone (tucked under the collar) was worth 12 million dollars and got him stressed out. We would too, TBH. And his corset? *Chef’s kiss*


When Bella Hadid stepped out in a full on leather and lace look at the Met Gala, we were on a chokehold. She can do wrong, especially with the glam and her after party outfit. The pearls as an anklet were a cheeky touch of opulence.


A total stunner. Laura Harrier really out there at the Met Gala red carpet walking with her waist snatched, pearls clutched.


It still baffles us how Kim Kardashian managed to acquire one of Marilyn Monroe’s controversial dresses (the one she wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK) that hasn’t been worn for over 60 years. Kim mentioned in an interview that it didn’t fit her at first, so she had to lose weight in three weeks. She even wore the same jacket Marilyn had on. It was a huge pop culture jab yes, but the main question is, was it on theme?


Now this is a great modern take on Gilded Glamour. A cropped top paired with Cartier jewels? We’ll take it any day. Aside from Emma’s astonishing Met Gala look, we also love how Vogue keeps inviting her to interview the stars. Just peep her relatable AF interaction with Jack Harlow below:


Katy Perry walked on the Met Gala red carpet looking like a living painting and it still lives in our heads rent-free. The whole silhouette from the bust to the bustle was 100% on theme, not to mention her classic dark-haired glam.


We need to talk about Normani. Her Met Gala 2022 devoured. Designed by Christian Siriano, she got everything right from the fascinator, the silhouette and the glam.


You know it’s going to be a good time when Lizzo shows up with her flute. Everything gave gilded glamour from her corset, opulent coat, accessories, and nails.


Emma Corrin might just be one of the most unconventional style stars right now. Remember when she showed up at the red carpet wearing a swimming cap? She keeps the momentum going at the Met Gala wearing a look inspired by New York socialite Evander Berry Wall. The addition of the top hat is genius.


First of all, WOW. Supermodel Paloma definitely did not come to play in what would’ve been seen as racy in the gilded age. When all else fails, always go for an all white look. For real though, imagine this look but with a different, more on-theme hairstyle. Either way, she nailed it.

13. SZA

Finally, someone in a Vivienne Westwood gown! SZA’s latex gloves and booties gave a stark contrast to the hot pink color of the whole ensemble, making the gilded look more modern and edgy.


While Olivia Rodrigo’s Met Gala look had mixed reviews, can we all agree that she still looked stunning? The draping of the gown on her body, the art noveau-inspired makeup, especially her thin brows!


Is she still into voguing? Well, she is in Vogue now. Vanessa Hudgens was really out there living her best, gothic life in a sheer dress, with sleeves puffed for the gods, a dramatic lace trail, and long white claws while hosting the Met Gala 2022.

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