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Finding Your Way Back Into Makeup? These Are The Beauty Trends You Should Be Trying Out Now

In this glow-up, you play by your own rules.

If you’ve been practicing austerity when it comes to makeup, it’s time to dig around your stashed kits and shake things around with these beauty trends that will ease you back into the groove of things.

Contrary to popular belief, makeup isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, people are taking a much more transparent, considerate, and simplified approach, but while a stronger emphasis for skincare is imperative, there is still space to color in with a selection of cosmetics. Just like our disposition towards skincare, makeup has willingly adapted to the times, appropriately amping up its arsenal with skin-friendly ingredients and formulations that are clean, hydrating, and light on the face.


In fact, the prevalence of all things minimal and natural has proven to be advantageous because now that we are starting to dig around our stashed beauty kits and reviving our long dormant makeup skills, we have a well-treated base to work with.

Where some will skew to the more thoughtful and tempered, celebrating what already exists as opposed to manipulating what isn’t there, there will be those who will want to break free from this mindset and go for all things bold and colorful—even if it is just from the neck up on Zoom, on TikTok, or as should still be observed in the midst of this pandemic, six feet apart.

As encouraged over the past few years by industry experts, social media beauty gurus, and anyone who has a keen interest in beauty, there should be no dictation in this Renaissance. What there should be is a clear respect for what makes you happy, because after all, isn’t that what the power of makeup holds? From bare beauty, dramatic eyes, to a kaleidoscope of colors, these are some of the coolest beauty trends you can at least try out. It’s your glow-up, you get to play by your own rules.


There hasn’t been a more buzzy beauty word as of late than skinimalism. A portmanteau of skin and minimalism, the skincare-meets-makeup trend is more choice and lifestyle than anything else. A renewed and realistic approach to beauty with a clear focus on ingredients that benefit the skin, skinimalism is a necessary mindset shift where there should be an appreciation for the natural, meaning embracing everything that makes you you such as skin texture, visible pores, and imperfections.

To get in on the promise of beauty made easy, consider the Skin On The Go collection of Issy & Co., where you can dabble with the Active Skin Tint (oil-free tinted moisturizer with Niacinamide and sunscreen actives), Weightless Loose Powder (talc-free formula), and the upgraded crowd-favorite, Brow Refiner (synthetic beeswax, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, cucumber juice).


Remember the time when virtually everyone was obsessed with the Paleta Angelical v1 filter on Instagram last year? Well, it seems that beauty has picked it up accordingly, translating this lit-from-within glow IRL. Following the footsteps of the glass skin and dolphin skin beauty trends last year, cloud skin (as defined by makeup artist, Dominic Skinner), appears to be more ethereal and hazy rather than a beam of light bouncing on the face. Blending hydrating skincare and consciously-layered cosmetics, the desired effect is the perfect balance of dewy, glowing, and matte. The result is as blessed as you’d expect, so much so that you could be imagining a choir of angels singing the hallelujah chorus. It’s that good.

When attempting this beauty trend, it is imperative you begin with a hydrating or nourishing base. This means a face mask, moisturizer, or serum such as the NARS Skin Light Reflecting Firming Serum to optimize the base. After dotting your face with foundation and buffing out with a thumb, you have to be strategic about about where you dust translucent powder in key points for this look (hollows of the cheek, hairline, center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin). This ensures the diffused look that is central to the cloud-like skin. To make things even more cherubic, gently pat the lightweight NARS Air Matte Blush (Freedom) and carefully swipe the NARS Air Matte Lip Color (Shag). In lieu of the typical heavy-handed application of highlighter, varnish the NARS Illuminator liberally for that light-as-air but still sunkissed finish.


An offshoot of just letting things be in quarantine for well over a year, we will be seeing a lot more feathery, fuller brows from our screens, the requisite masks and face shields. Filled in and defined, the statement-making bold brows beauty trend lend a surprising youthfulness to your look, which is what we all want these days, really. And who knows brows better? Anastasia Soare of the eponymous Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can always go usual with the Brow Definer and Brow Pen to detail, but to further tame and sculpt the brows, the easy-to-apply, mess-free, and long-lasting formula of the Brow Styling Wax is the way to go.

Brows are an intimidating step of makeup. So, to ease your way into what is transformative but ultimately very tricky, Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched The Brow App, an augmented reality app to help you with your brow problems. Precision is key. So, the golden ratio method is combined with custom 3D technology and a patented algorithm that analyzes your facial structure to create the best shape and color for your brows.


The fascination for the excessive and exuberant energy of the 80s continues to dominate to this day, especially in beauty where makeup trends range from punk to glamour. Aggressive, intense, and electric, a lot of the decade was centered on kohl- lined eyes, an explosion of vivid pink draped tint from the temples of the head to the cheeks, and a strong saturation of technicolors on the lids.

These can easily be achieved with the standard fare from Teviant, especially the swirl of bold blush with the Deity Dust Face Palette. This versatile product also has a wedge of highlight and contour, which you can use to finish your look. To make your colored lids (a Gen Z favorite these days is bright blue) stand out and shine even more, reach for the Multi-Chromatic Palette, which features an alluring array of pressed pigments in glitter, foiled, metallic, and multi-chrome powder for a loud and lavish look that screams: party!


A sensible and simple technique, one that many have taken to, especially for its economic qualities, the monochromatic beauty trend is the go-to for when you want to pare things down but still want a bit of color on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. The cardinal consideration for this beauty progression is to collect an assemblage of products that are cohesive in a complementing sense, not necessarily of the exact same shade to accentuate your face. This way, there’s a nuanced depth to monochromatic makeup that is more alluring.

Constantly making things uncomplicated beauty for us, blk Cosmetics launches its Fresh Sunkissed sets, a collection of multi-use must-haves perfect for summer. After applying the Illuminating Skin Tint, proceed to connecting the look with Creamy All Over Paint, Gloss Gel Tint, Shimmer Jelly Pot, all of which come in sets aptly called Summer Time, Poolside, Golden Hour, and Palm Springs. For a little flourish, fan out your eyelashes with the Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara for that beach-ready look you can parade around your house for the time being.

Bonus: Start this process with the refreshing Aqua Jelly Moisturizer and end it with a curtain of mist from the Skin-Hydrating Ultra-Fine Mist from the blk Cosmetics Fresh Wondermelon Edit.