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Are These Viral TikTok Beauty Trends Worth A Try?

Get into these hacks—even just for the heck it.

From an excessive spackle of foundation to smears of bright red lipstick, these TikTok beauty trends have us both raising an eyebrow and raring to try it out.


Whether you’re endlessly scrolling on your For You Page or diving deep into specific hashtags or profiles, TikTok has become quite the massive blackhole. When sucked into the social media space of humor, honesty, and hacks, it becomes an endless loop where time becomes inconsequential, especially when winding down from a day of simply surviving the realities of our lives. A respite from everything else on the internet, this a refreshing landscape where creativity is the currency that keeps people coming back for more.

Even the OG social media stars will agree that TikTok is where they enjoy the most as of late, spending more time on it than their main channels. In this virtual landscape, everyone can let their guard down and just have fun, where everything from discovering to dancing thrives to its full effective and entertaining potential. One carved out corner of the video-sharing platform where passions and points-of-view really has its moment is beauty. Here, the smart and silly minds on TikTok are taking to beauty, which has obviously inundated and saturated social media, with an inventive approach that keeps on blowing our minds in every bite-sized content.

Chock full of tips and tricks, the trove of TikTok beauty trends are rich with ideas and innovation that as is at the core of the app, always worth a try—even at least once. It might look odd on the onset, but as we will begin to learn, the method to the madness usually works out, surprisingly.

“It’s a journey, and you have to trust the process,” many beauty gurus and personalities often remind us, assuring us that what may look busted at the beginning will yield beautiful results. The most important thing with TikTok beauty trends is to forget the rules and rudiments for a while and have a go at it. You will never know what will work. Besides, isn’t makeup supposed to be fun?

If you’re curious to see what everyone is up to with TikTok beauty trends, look no further and just keep on scrolling below.

Red Lipstick Before Foundation (Lenkalul)

Many who have tried this were skeptical of this at first. A shock of red before everything else? That’s practically unheard of, unless you’re in dire need of color correcting, especially for patrons of the high art of drag.

When attempting this TikTok beauty trend, all you need is an open mind and a tube of bright red lipstick, which you will swipe on top of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and forehead before everything else. Naturally, you have to buff and blend it out with cream contour, concealer, and foundation, which will eventually reveal a natural look that fills in for the usual pats of blush.


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An Excess Of Foundation

This one is a little bit controversial, and for some, cringe-inducing. Pouring an excessive, if not wasteful amount of foundation directly on the face, the canvas of coverage is then massaged deep into the skin. It’s hypnotic, sure, but is it healthy? Not quite. Yes, it gives a blemish-free look as if you were a porcelain doll, however, the pores are yearning for an exhale with every indulgent kneading. But hey, if you happen to have extra foundation lying around (some have even extended this to concealer and contours), then go on ahead. Just make sure you give the same amount of love to your skincare post TikTok time.


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Spock Brows

Someone said, “Once you go back, you never go back,” and for some who have experimented with the shape of their brows, they seem to concur. Inspired by the iconic non-arches of the science and first officer of Star Trek’s starship enterprise, this viral TikTok beauty trend has encouraged one’s inner geek to manifest in the world of beauty by reshaping their brows by gluing them down or covering them concealer or a lighter gel before drawing a straighter diagonal line on the face just like Spock. For those with sparse or fine brow hair, this is easier to try by guiding a dark, heavy-duty brow pomade to the legendary line to life the face.


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Puppy, Cat Or Fox Eyeliner

The animals kingdom has seemingly taken over Tiktok with this beauty trend, which has been seen on many a timeline, including that of Kendall Jenner. From the traditional cat-eye, the more intriguing puppy-eye, and the very popular fox-eye, there are many ways to approach flicking eyeliner than just the tired typical.

Everything you need to learn about this stems from the standard cat-eye. Where you usually streak the top of your lash line with eyeliner and drawing it out to a precise point at the tail end, the fox-eye will require you to connect it further into the inner corner of the eyes, where in the hollow near the nose, you draw an arrow-like line to connect it with the lower lash line. A favorite by many, this iteration is an illusion that pulls the focus to the center of the face. Meanwhile the puppy-eye requires a deliberate half line on the lower outer corner of the eye, where the extended wing will have to be smudged out following the geometric shape to mimic the adorable droop of dogs.


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The Anatomy Of A Nose Contour

At this point, we swear by the transformative powers of makeup. And this couldn’t be more perfectly illustrated with the nose contour. A cosmetic alternative to invasive surgeries, contouring the nose is an age-old beauty tip that many have leaned in on over the years. On TikTok, however, the beauty pundits have drawn up an anatomical guide that starts with a short horizontal lines on both sides just right under the brows, which is then followed by the traditional line down the bridge of the nose. After this, a line is sketched on the upper and lower tip of the nose to cheat a more pronounced button-shape, from here; you follow the flare the side before buffing out all the graphic lines as you normally would with this step.

Taking to the gospel of drag queens yet again, smack a generous amount of translucent powder on either sides of the nose and bake to give that added highlight. Finally, color in the bridge with an iridescent powder for an added lift and catch of light.


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Gradient Lips, Yellow Edges?

Look, gradient lips are not exactly a groundbreaking beauty trend, but TikTok has upped the ante by prepping the puckered canvas with concealer before going in with yellow eyeshadow, which will eventually be blurred out at the edges. Once this has been set in place, smear the center with your choice of red and buff it out before blending in a layer of gloss for the full pout.


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Color Theory Foundation Hack

At a glance, you’d think that this TikTok beauty trend wouldn’t work, what with its seemingly random placement of strokes and dots in primary colors mixed in with white. Strangely enough, this technique, which harnesses color theory, evens out to a layer of foundation that is an even match to your skintone, much more than what is out in the market. This will need a lot of blending, of course. Not to mention time to practice and perfect, but after seeing many takes on TikTok, the results are always a pleasant surprise. Just remember that depending on your skin tone, you will need to mix in more white or black, as well as of varying amounts of the primary red, blue, and yellow.

Now, who would have thought that our preschool art class would someday come in handy?


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