INDIEPUBCON 2022 Puts The Spotlight On Local Indie And Regional Publishing

Bring your coffee and tote bags.

Empowering regional and independent book publications around the country and forging new avenues for creative expression are at the core of this year’s INDIEPUBCON.

The success of the Manila International Book Fair last September is a powerful testament to the book-loving passion of many Filipinos and a reminder of how print really is not entirely dead. For over 40 years, the longest running and largest book fair in the country has continuously redefined the Filipino reading experience and served as a haven for readers, writers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. A noteworthy takeaway from the premier book event was its spotlight on independent publishers, providing an entire pavilion showcasing exciting indie reads. Some of them even turned out to be MIBF’s bestsellers

And speaking of independent books, the Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH), a collective of independent publishers from all over the archipelago, has launched the second edition of INDIEPUBCON, a nationwide convention that celebrates the diversity and highlights the importance of regional and independent publishing community in fortifying the local literary scene. If you want to immerse yourselves in the Filipino indie literature scene, then this event is for you.

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In collaboration with the National Book Development Board (NBDB), The Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH) holds its annual literary event, INDIEPUBCON. After a successful run last year with a slate of online events that helped define indie publishing and its role today, the second edition of the nationwide literary convention will banner the theme, Publishing Philippines, which highlights the power of regional books in the continuous development and evolution of the country’s publishing industry.

INDIEPUBCON 2022 poster

This year, INDIEPUBCON 2.0 will be a hybrid event that will cater to Filipino enthusiasts from all over the country. For the first time, the convention will feature book fairs and book launches in both physical and virtual locations. These events will also launch in North Luzon, NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao where aspiring publishers, authors, and book enthusiasts can expand their connections.

The annual event will also be a platform for independent publishers and sellers to gain valuable insights into the landscape today, with discussions that will center on modern and effective promotional strategies, and smart book marketing. And as INDIEPUBCON will also coincide with the National Poetry Day and the Cebu LitFest, expect some performances, readings, open mics, and various talks to delight you.

The Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH) is a passionate group of indie publishers from the Philippines which seeks to “create literary ventures for the independent publishing community within the country by introducing literary pieces that are not considered mainstream.” Some of the participating publications this year that have helped realize the vision for INDIEPUBCON include 8letters Bookstore and Publishing, Aklat Alamid, Alubat Publishing, Balangay Productions, Kasingkasing Press, Librong LIRA, Southern Voices Printing Press, and San Anselmo Publications among many others. 

Satisfy your literary cravings at the diverse and insightful INDIEPUBCON, which is open to the public and get this, it’s all for free. The four-day hybrid convention will run from November 24 to 27, 2022. You can also register as early as now through this link. Stay tuned to TIPC-PH’s Facebook page for future announcements. 

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