8 Local Celebs Who Can Add “Went Viral In Other Countries” In Their Resumes

Going international.

From Maris Racal, Miguel Tanfelix, and more, these stars’ viral moments were so good that they weren’t just contained in the country.

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Celebrities going viral, whether good or bad, is nothing new. It’s something most famous faces would probably like to experience, especially for the right reasons. But while it’s one thing for local public figures to hit the trending tab in the Philippines, it’s another thing for that famous face to make it to the trends list in other countries. And that’s something these following local stars have experienced. Whether it be for their memes, a video they posted, or other reasons, these celebs’ viral moments had their own world tour and became a trend abroad. Check out the Filipino celebs who went viral overseas. 


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Before Miguel Tanfelix was saving the world as Steve Armstrong in Voltes V: Legacy, he was going viral in Indonesia. Back in 2015, Miguel posted on Dubmash (remember that?) of him lip-syncing to Brandon Beal’s Twerk It Like Miley. The video ended up getting millions of views in Indonesia, which helped the star build a following in the country as he reportedly got over 250,000 new Instagram followers just for the video.



You really are that P-pop group when your dance challenge goes viral in other countries. That’s the case with SB19 when their song, GENTO, not only became many Filipinos’ latest obsession but also had TikTok users across the world doing the dance challenge. The song took a particular hold in South Korea where numerous K-pop idols gave their take on the dance challenge. 


@69sgiaitri.dc Nàng tiên cá gắn liền với tuổi thơ của rất nhiều người #dcgr #dcmedia #69sgiaitri #giaitri #marianrivera #pricetag #pricetagmarianrivera #todaytv ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

If you told us at the start of the year that Marian Rivera would become the new queen of TikTok, we might just believe you. Her dance videos have racked up as much as hundreds of millions of views as she captivated many with her smooth dance moves. And it’s not just Filipino netizens who praised the actress. Vietnamese TikTok entertainment page 69s Giai Tri posted a video of Marian’s viral dance videos, which got millions of views. ICYDK, Marian Rivera’s shows have aired in Vietnam, making her a known presence in the country. So, it’s no wonder Vietnamese netizens had nothing but nice things to say about the icon. 


@nianaguerrero a classic 😎 #onewithnatalia ♬ Booty Wurk – Niana Guerrero

Ever since she was a kid, Niana Guerrero has been going viral all over the world thanks to her dancing videos. And her power has only gotten stronger with TikTok and her ability to drop videos that break the internet and start dance challenges done by global creators. From the Wednesday dance to Booty WurkFeather, and more, Niana is a regular at international virality. 


Actress, musician, and meme queen, Maris Racal radiates multi-hyphenate energy. Even posting a simple video of typing on a laptop can get Maris headlines around the world. Over the past couple of years, Maris has treated the internet to variations of her video of typing on a laptop while dealing with an emotional crisis. And Thai netizens ate that up and used the meme in their posts. Even Maris’ newest variant of the meme this year of her typing on a laptop after she cut her bangs wrong reached Thailand. Her impact. 


From his humble beginnings as a The Voice Kids PH contestant, Zack Tabudlo is fast becoming an OPM trailblazer with his artistry reaching all four corners of the world. In particular, Zack’s music has made waves in a few Asian countries, such as in Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Vietnam where Pano, among other tracks, became a viral hit. In fact, if you’ve been to Thailand recently, there’s a good chance you’ll hear one of Zack’s songs on the radio. 


In 2022, Belle Mariano made history as the first Filipina ever to win Outstanding Asia Star at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Naturally, when she went to the event looking stunning in her pink terno gown, many Filipinos cheered for her. But it wasn’t just Pinoys who fawned over the star as Belle’s appearance also generated articles and made headlines in some of Korea’s biggest new sites such as Naver, SBS, Newsen, and Starnews.


When a song is a bop, it’s a bop regardless of where it comes from. That’s the case for young musician Young Cocoa whose hit track Manila went viral in South Korea thanks to its chill vibes and smooth flows. Most notably, numerous K-pop idols included the track in their playlists, such as BTS’ RM, ENHYPEN’s Jay, and THE BOYZ’s Eric. They have taste, wbk.

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