Kaori Oinuma Breaks JC Alcantara’s Heart In The ‘Lumala O Mawala’ Music Video

Ang sakit talaga.

JC Alcantara’s first-ever music video gets even more special with the help of Kaori Oinuma and Jeremiah Lisbo.

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It’s a tale as old as time, and no, it’s not Beauty and the Beast. We probably have or know someone who’s gone through the experience of liking someone who doesn’t reciprocate the feeling. It’s one of the most heart-wrenching feelings of pain anyone can go through. This is what JC Alcantara’s latest single, Lumala O Mawala is all about. And for an already emotional song, JC decided to hit us even further in our feels for its music video featuring him, Kaori Oinuma, and Jeremiah Lisbo.


Lumala O Mawala is an acoustic and band track with slight hints of rock that revolves around someone who slowly realizes and accepts that the person they love does not love them back. In five minutes, JC builds the story of an unrequited love that hurts but is ultimately meant to be. It’s a relatable song, to say the least, that’s aided by JC’s power ballad-like voice and moving production. And for the track’s music video, JC decided to bring in the star power by teaming up with his Tara, G! co-star, Kaori Oinuma.

The Mark Putian-directed video begins with JC and Kaori’s characters playing Tekken 7. At first, it seems that the two are developing chemistry with their sweet interactions. They spend quality time and even do some TikTok dances together. But sadly, this was a love that wasn’t meant to be as while JC’s character saw the two of them as something more, that wasn’t on the agenda for Kaori’s character.

kaori jc

As the video goes on, she increasingly becomes less interested in spending time with him as she becomes more preoccupied with her phone talking to someone. Spoiler alert: That someone revealed at the end so happens to be Jeremiah Lisbo, who plays Kaori’s boyfriend. It seems like KaoMiah got in the way of JC’s love.


jc alcantara

The MV serves as JC Alcantara’s first official music video for his own song. So, the fact that he got to share the screen with special people makes it extra memorable. (Fun fact: this is KaoMiah’s music video debut.) They captured the feeling of one-sided love to the point where we felt for JC. At least on the bright side, we all will find that love that’s meant for us someday.

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