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Kaori Oinuma And JC Alcantara Spread Kilig In Their First-Ever Collab Vlog

From a vlog to a date real quick.

From spending time together around Burnham Park to giving gifts and helping others, Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara shine with kindness and romance in their first vlog together.

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Apart from featuring an increasingly relevant theme of young people trying to empower themselves and their community, one of the many good things about iWantTFC’s teen-oriented series Tara, G! is it also gives us a new love team to stan, KaoJC. Playing each other’s love interests in the series as Legs and Dan, Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara give off a palpable sense of chemistry that transcends the show’s storyline.

Even in Team WISE’s complementary barkada videos, where the cast members casually stroll around Baguio and take on challenges, JC and Kaori never fail to tickle our hearts in more ways than one. And in their first collaboration vlog together, KaoJC gives us more reasons to be our next bias. From their acts of kindness to their cute couple-like moments, Kaori and JC will fill you with fun, laughter, and ultimately, romantic excitement.


JC Alcantara gives Kaori Oinuma a rose

As part of Tara G!’s series of vlog wars, Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara are paired to visit and do activities at Baguio’s popular tourist spot, Burnham Park. And not even a minute into the video, KaoJC makes us giddy already as JC gives Kaori a rose as a gift to mark their first-ever collab together. Kaori, who’s visibly tickled pink, shares that it has long been their plan to do it but it’s only now that they’ve got the chance to spend time together. 


Kaori and JC buying a gift for a girl

Before Kaori and JC get in a boat ride in a vlog that’s quickly turning into a romantic date, the newest love team shows the big hearts that they have by helping a child vendor sell her box of bibingka and burgers. Not only that, they also treated the little girl to some gifts including a brand new bag and school supplies, giving you more reasons to fall harder for them.


The date, err, the vlog continues as Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara go matchy matchy as they snap some shots together in traditional Igorot outfits. Not only that, KaoJC also give a presentation of the cultural dance where they even prove their chemistry further.


Kaori and JC on a swan boat

Ang sarap ng may ka-date dito ‘no?” JC asks Kaori who jokingly shouts at the lake looking for JC’s potential date. “Naghahanap pa siya, puwede namang ‘yung katabi ko na ‘di ba?” That’s it. If this doesn’t make you smile or roll over in kilig, then what’s your problem?


Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara spend more time together, this time making the vlog an official romantic date as they cycle around the park and enjoy some food. “Alam mo first time ko dito,” shares Kaori. “Ako din,” says JC. “Tapos ikaw pa kasama ko.” KaoJC brings us some more sweetness as they get ice cream, green mango on stick, and some holding-hands moment that will all make us say, “sana all.”

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