Tara, G! Team Wise Tests Their Shopping Skills With Night Market Challenge

Budol barkada.

Just like in the youth-oriented series Tara, G!, our newest barkada, Team WISE, proves their fun and captivating friendship in real life with their challenge vlogs.

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While Team WISE (Walang Iwanan Sa Ere) explores love, friendship, and aspirations in the fictional town of La Guerta in the youth-oriented IWantTFC series, Tara, G!, our favorite newest teen barkada also spends some time together in real life, showing us how they’re also friendship goals outside of the show. 

This time, in their recent vlog together, Kaori Oinuma, JC Alcantara, Zach Castañeda, Anthony Jennings, Daniella Stranner, and Vivoree put their shopping skills to the test as they take on the Night Market Challenge, scouring Baguio city’s thrift stalls for their best buys yet. Here are some highlights from Team WISE’s bonding moment which will make you want to be part of their cute circle so bad. 


Vivoree counts her money

Just like Jengjeng, the feisty girl with big dreams in Tara, G!, Vivoree also proves to be a go-getter in real life, especially when it comes to price negotiations in Baguio’s thrift shops. The first to be featured in the vlog, Vivoree is able to score a discount instantly with her first buy. And with another discount for a ref magnet for her last buy, Vivoree is that friend that you should be with when you go to an ukay-ukay.


Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara

Playing each other’s love interests in Tara, G! as Dan and Legs, JC Alcantara and Kaori Oinuma also channel the kilig in real life barkada moments. “Tiyagaan talaga ‘pag mag-uukay-ukay ka dito,” JC says. “Parang sa pagmamahal, kailangan mag-effort ka para makauha mo ‘yung gusto mo, ‘yung hinahanap mo. Pero parang nahanap ko na,” JC continues, then points to Kaori. “Ay ito, ito ‘yung pinili ko!” Kaori replies while patting JC’s chin. With their chemistry overflowing in the video, you can’t help but wonder if you’re watching a 24-hours jowa challenge vlog.


Zach Castañeda

The first to finish the challenge is Zach Castañeda who plays Team WISE’s go-to-guy Will in Tara, G! Zach quickly spends his budget with his cheap but stylish buys. A shirt, jacket, a pair of eyeglasses, and a couple of accessories later, Zach turns regretful as he goes zero budget while discovering some stalls with better-looking items. Zach really is that impulsive friend who needs everyone’s counsel first before spending some money.


Daniela Stranner proud of her ukay haul

Probably the one who goes with the most number of items is Daniella Stranner also known as rich girl Cars in Tara, G! With her plastic bags of ukay haul, Daniella really encapsulates what sulit means, even getting two king-size blankets while on a tight budget. We can really learn a thing or two from Dani.


Kaori Oinuma gives her barkada some gifts

As with her past vlogs, it seems that Kaori Oinuma’s charm really never runs out. After using her bright smile and some dance moves to entice the vendors in giving her a discount, Kaori proves that she’s that thoughtful and selfless friend as she spends her last money on gifts for her Team WISE barkada.

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