These K-Pop Music Video Side-By-Side Comparisons Will Have You Seeing Double

Who says you need a big budget.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. These K-pop fans tried their hand at side-by-side music video comparisons and the results will amaze you.

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When it comes to the K-pop hierarchy, only a few things stand out as important as the music video. K-pop music videos are true feats. Well produced and featuring slick dance moves, sharp camera movements, and quality set design, a K-pop music video can truly make or break a comeback. These extremely polished music videos feel different from your typical music video and are an embodiment of the quality you expect from K-pop. In fact, one reason why K-pop got popular in the first place was by people watching bombastic, highly produced, and over-the-top music videos.

With the popularity of K-pop also comes the rise in people trying to emulate the style of K-pop music videos. While the big-budget, costumes, and larger-than-life production may deter some from copying its style, that hasn’t stopped these K-pop fans from trying their hand at recreating them. Some are done for parody, while others are done out of the love for a group. And honestly, these side-by-side music video comparisons look pretty good for what they have to work with.


For the four-member female Thai girl group DEKSORKRAO, the high production values of K-pop music videos haven’t deterred them from recreating the music videos. And the twist with these girls is that they do it all with just simple household and backyard materials. The group, composed of Mommaem, Kungten, Som, and Kwang, are four elementary school girls from rural Thailand. Over the past few years, they have gone viral for their K-pop music video covers all by simply using ordinary household objects to get it done. Who needs an elaborate set when you have an empty lot. And despite the lack of materials, the four girls still pull off the slick dance moves and formations with accuracy.


American comedy duo LankyBox, composed of Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur, has made a name for themselves on YouTube with their comedic skits and gaming videos. One of the most popular series they have ever done is called Zero Budget. This is basically where they recreate music videos with, well, zero budget. And when we say zero budget, we mean it. The duo lets their imagination run wild as they use whatever items they have at home to recreate these videos. They often do K-pop recreations in this series and seeing a side-by-side screen of the actual video and their parody is really something. The duo even got K-pop idols to react to their parodies.


These TWICE music video recreations said no budget, no problem. When recreating TWICE’s iconic What is Love music video, these friends decided to work with what they had and they did well. Posted on YouTube by D ‘ J Co, you could tell they gave effort and emotion in the acting and did the best with what they have. If you’re feeling done, this side-by-side comparison should get you a good laugh.  

As for this K-pop side-by-side recreation of TWICE’s Signal music video posted by It’s Stefano, we have to give a shout-out to the editing of the parody for going the extra mile. Bonus points for them using a cardboard box as a car at the beginning of the MV.


Most K-pop fans would want to meet their idols in person. But for this Pinoy fan, he went the extra mile by imagining what he would look like performing on stage side by side with them. Glen Versoza has built himself a following on TikTok for his expertly crafted video of him dancing alongside K-pop idols. With the help of green screen, the Agusan Del Norte native edits himself into performances to make it look like he’s performing with them. And he makes sure that his hair, costume, and dance moves are all on-point though he does add a comedic flair here and there. He genuinely looks like he could be part of these groups and side by side, he doesn’t look out of place.

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