Jump In: Inside P1Harmony’s Final Installment of the Harmony Series 

Jump in harmony.

A recently completed album trilogy and a continuing world tour are just some of the reasons why P1Harmony should be on your stan list. 

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Nearly seven months after their HARMONY : SET IN EP release, HARMONY : ALL IN is the final chapter and culmination of P1Harmony’s 3-part Harmony series. Composed of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob, the group made sure to deliver a finale that was worth it, as seen in how EP’s title track, JUMP, was co-written by Intak and Jongseob. The hip-hop-based with undertones of alternative pop centered on the message of forgetting your troubles and worries to jump over them. And with 20 million views on its music video within the first 3 days, this final chapter was a solid effort.  

Even though P1Harmony made its debut during the pandemic, the six-member group put in the work to establish itself as one of K-pop’s rising 4th gen boy groups. Two years in, and they’ve already made music collaborations outside of the K-pop realm. Their most recent one is Super Chic with the British Pop band New Hope Club released back in April. Their discography also includes a collaboration with American R&B singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ for Gotta Get Back in 2022. 

As of this writing, P1Harmony debuted on Billboard at #8 on the Top Album Sales chart and #51 on the Top 200 chart with the HARMONY : ALL IN EP. This goes along with their recent global signing with Creative Arts Agency (CAA). And to top it all off, after finishing the US leg of the 2023 [P1ustage H : P1oneer] Tour in February, they will continue the tour in Latin America and Canada in July and Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in August and September. One of their stops on the Canadian leg will take place in Keeho’s hometown in Toronto. What makes it even more special is that the venue chosen for their Toronto concert is one of the first venues Keeho went to growing up. Talk about a full circle moment, just like with their latest album.  


Debuting during the pandemic in late 2020 was a unique experience for P1Harmony. They landed on the scene, not with a music video, but a movie titled P1H: The Beginning of a New World. When they embarked on their first tour in 2022 and their recent 2023 US Tour, Keeho mentioned there were P1eces (their fandom name) in the audience with big signs that say “When is the second movie coming out?” To that end, they revealed that they don’t have any plans of making another movie soon.

While P1Harmony has its own established storyline with the Harmony series, that hasn’t stopped fans from making their theories, some of which the members have read. Jongseob nods his head in response to fan theories. “The storyline [P1eces come up with] is huge. When I saw fan theories about our storyline, 50% is correct and the other 50% is them guessing on putting meaning on something we didn’t think about.” They find it fun when P1eces continue to analyze their storyline. 

And if they were to continue their current storyline, Theo had a different, simpler idea. “I want to step away from being so conceptual and having such a big multiverse. It limits us from the type of music and sound we want to go for.” As he looks at Keeho to translate his thoughts, Theo says he wants to release music that everyone can enjoy and not be so stuck on a concept. 


Self-Awareness and self-confidence are essentially linked to one another. Jiung went with self-awareness if he had to choose which is the most important to him. He says, “If you’re just confident and not self-aware, that leads to disappointment and people looking down on you. You need to know what you’re good at to be confident.” He feels that self-awareness comes first before you become self-confident. 

Keeho approaches the concept as like yin and yang. “I’m personally very good at being self-aware. Like I know what my do’s and don’ts are or what I’m comfortable with. But I’m also not very confident. So there is stuff that I am good at but I’m not confident to show it.”


The music we listen to can play a part in how we present ourselves outwardly. In Soul’s case, people assume he listens to Animal Crossing soundtrack or cutesy songs based on his looks. When in actuality, “I like listening to hardcore, French rap,” he reveals. His reasoning? He likes listening to music that he can dance to and French rap does it for him. What happened next was a taste of the fun and chaotic energy that serves as one of the main pillars of why the group has been gaining many new fans at a fast clip. 

Jiung revealed that he’s told he looks like he listens to hard aggressive rap. Keeho raised his eyebrows at him and said “Who said that?” and Jiung replies, “A lot of people.” “Really? I didn’t know that,” Keeho fiercely replies, followed by the eruption of the members’ laughter. It’s a good contrast between what you look like versus the kind of music you listen to. “Even the fashion or clothes [they wear] has an effect on the artists I listen to,” explains Jiung as he showed his necklace off during the video call.


On the topic of trusting yourself the most, Intak’s response related to his skills on the stage. “I trust myself while being on center stage and doing what I need to do.” If there’s a moment he has a hard time trusting his instincts, his amusing response is playing rock paper scissors because he gets nervous. Any type of physical activity Jongseob does, he can’t trust himself. However, when it comes to working on his craft musically, the group’s maknae becomes the confident king that he is.

With an interconnecting EP trilogy now in the bag, a new and exciting chapter for this arguably underrated boy group awaits. But first, they’re off to perform for their fans across the world in the coming months, and that includes the Philippines as the boys are set to entertain their Filipino P1eces live for the first time with a concert on September 9. 


Speaking of Filo P1eces, this is what Theo had to say to them, “One of P1Harmony’s main goals in our career is to do a successful, large world tour. If you wait just a little bit, we hope to go to your country and perform in front of you guys. [We hope you] show love and support for our new mini album HARMONY : SET IN.” In the meantime, Pinoy P1eces, and everyone else, can “JUMP” for joy and listen to their HARMONY: SET EP on repeat.

Photos courtesy of FNC Entertainment

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