CRAVITY Is The Main Protagonist Of Their Story

Groovy baby.

CRAVITY open up about their new music, being the main protagonist, their Filipino fans, and more.  

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Six months after dropping the pop banger that was the NEW WAVE EP, the nine-member boy group CRAVITY is back to entertain us with their fifth mini album, MASTER : PIECE. And just like its name, the album is a masterpiece as they take its listeners on the journey to finding the missing puzzle. It’s a theme that can be felt all over the toe-tapping title track, Groovy, and an equally fun music video.

Cravity 5th Mini Album, MASTER : PIECE

Once we find that missing puzzle, there’s this sense of fulfillment and living life being the main protagonist. Fresh off the drop of their latest comeback, the boys speak with NYLON Manila where they share being the main protagonist, spending a day with luvity, overcoming writer’s block, and more. 


MASTER : PIECE is all about that main character energy. And sometimes, being the hero of your own story will require you to go on your path. Leaving his comfort zone to chase his music dreams is the moment Allen realized he was the main protagonist. “I was yearning for this music dream and I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not,” Allen explains when he moved to Korea at 17 years old, leaving behind his LA home. Stepping out of his comfort zone to chase his dreams taught Allen to never give up. “Life is a beautiful symphony and I think I’m living in it.”

On a lighter note, some of the members see simpler things as their main character moment. “When I’m working out, I’m the main protagonist like ooh the veins and stuff,” adds Taeyoung as he tries to flex, causing his fellow members to laugh. He may not be posting workout pictures of himself, but he does tell Luvity that he feels accomplished working out.

Cravity 5th Mini Album, MASTER : PIECE

Just being with the members and listening to their music is enough to make most people feel like the main protagonist. Spending a day with CRAVITY is every Luvity’s dream. Woobin confidently says, “I’d marry them if we spent the day together.” Grinning from ear to ear, Jungmo says he’d take Luvity to the Santa Monica beach and go swimming with them. Swimming may be frightening, but Jungmo can be Luvity’s lifeguard if needed to be saved. 

Minhee’s wholesome response, meanwhile, is to serenade Luvity all day. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by Minhee’s comforting vocals? He could serenade his cover version of Day6 Wonpil’s Unpainted Canvas. Seongmin suggested he’d like to eat with Luvity, and more specifically at BCD Tofu House, a famous Korean restaurant chain. 


It seems as if whenever CRAVITY drop a new project, they always know how to hit the mark. As they rise among the 4th gen boy groups, their music, performances, visuals, and more act as their stan attractor. But hurdles do come their way, such as having to deal with the ever-present issue of writer’s block. 

But instead of overcoming it, Serim actually welcomes it. He imagines his writer’s block, and, as a result, he feels satisfied with whatever song he creates. Serim has dreams of songs he writes and has an ingenious melody in his mind. After he wakes up from his dreams, he immediately writes them down and records them. 

Cravity 5th Mini Album, MASTER : PIECE

Serim and Allen usually serve as the group’s writers. For their latest album, the duo wrote Groovy, FLY, Get Lifted, and Baddie. But other members also got to participate in the EP production, such as Woobin, who got to self-compose for their other song, Light the Way. In his own words about overcoming writer’s block, he enjoys it as pain. This is his interpretation of no pain, no gain. Allen gives it time and is particularly interested in the kinds of songs he listens to. As a result, he writes songs that he would like to listen to. 

Of course, there are also life motivations the members look to for support. And they don’t have to look far to find it as it’s right on their lock screens. Hyeongjun cheerfully responds, “My family is my home screen.“ Since musicians like him spend so much time working on their careers, having support from their families keeps them inspired. 


The love from fans holds dearly in Serim’s heart. “I have a picture of our group’s first fan meeting as my phone background.” His picture from their first fan meeting was also CRAVITY’s first time performing in front of a live audience once the pandemic slowed down. 

Cravity 5th Mini Album, MASTER : PIECE

Wonjin also adores his fans, and amongst the other members, he’s keen to learn many languages. “I’d like to learn every language so that I can connect with Luvity.” Generally, K-pop is written in Korean and English, but as we’ve seen time and time again, music has no language barriers. Music connects people from different cultures and backgrounds. This creates a sense of belonging especially in the K-pop community. 

Speaking of languages, CRAVITY is aware of its Luvity fanbase growing in the Philippines. They all said in unison, “Mahal Kita Luvity!” as they were recently taught to say I love you in Tagalog. When that day comes if they visit the Philippines, Filipino Luvitys will be jumping for joy. But for now, they’ll have a new masterpiece to enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Starship Entertainment

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