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Did Jisoo Just Wear A Bridal Gown As A Top On The Late Late Show?

Someone could have been married in this haute couture piece, but Jisoo just had to wear it on stage ?

You better run, run, run! Kim Jisoo definitely gave runaway bride a whole new meaning, especially when we found out her top was supposed to be a gown ?

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In Blackpink’s explosive performance for the Late Late Show With James Corden, everything was immaculate—the stage, the live vocals, and of course, the outfits. Jennie’s bodysuit is apparently worth P50,000, Rosé’s mini skirt could pay 4 semesters, and Lisa’s belt costs a roundtrip ticket to Europe. No wonder each of the girls hit worldwide trends on Twitter. They had sugar, spice, and everything nice. But the real plot twist? Ms. Kim Jisoo over here…She isn’t Blackpink’s visual for nothing.

Aside from her sensual and breathy vocals, she wore an outfit that a lot of Blinks consider as one of the best from this era. We spent the most time researching and looking for Jisoo’s ensemble out of all the girls and to our surprise, it’s because her feathered top was actually a modified bridal gown! HOW.

It’s not the first time they dressed Jisoo, cause she also wore one of their show-stopping pieces in the How You Like That music video. Bridal Kong’s website doesn’t indicate the price for the haute couture gown, but we can only guess it doesn’t go below P300,000, especially since it’s a bespoke piece. Realistically, we’re pretty sure the stylist didn’t actually cut the gown in half cause obviously it’s custom made (and the way it fits her body too is amazing). But when when we think about it, it’s hilarious the way someone could have been married in this haute couture gown by the Korean designer, yet our girl Jisoo just had to wear them to set the stage on fire. Only Kim Jisoo.