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Now That There Are Dating Rumors, Here’s What We Think Would Happen If G-Dragon and Jennie Kim Are Truly A Couple

As a Bigbang and Blackpink fan, YES.

Romance isn’t dead—except for when you’re a K-Idol who’s not allowed to date. After much speculation and the unending dating rumors, we could only wonder what it would be really like if Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and Bigbang’s G-Dragon are a real life couple.

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G-Dragon Jennie Kim Dating Style Music Blackpink Bigbang

Come on, they’re both respected musicians who trained under YG Entertainment. G-Dragon’s production skills (not to mention being a musical prodigy and one of the most influential South East Asian rappers) and Jennie Kim’s musicality? We already know how big they are individually, but the moment they paired up for G-Dragon’s ‘That XX‘ MV 8 years ago (pre-debut Jennie was already a standout, duh), YG was definitely on to something. G-Dragon didn’t lie when he said that Jennie’s the new “ace” of YG, because look where she is now—a cultural icon.


G-Dragon Jennie Kim Dating Style Music Blackpink Bigbang

How can we forget the ✨fashion✨? They’re basically K-Pop royalty at this point. Sure, they’re both Chanel cult worshippers (G-Dragon was one of their first Korean ambassadors for a while before Jennie) and she’s Vogue Korea’s fashion editor, but imagine the both of them starring in fashion campaigns, the collaborations that’ll surely sell out in seconds and the overall dominance in style. As if Seoul isn’t one of the most stylish cities in the world already.

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G-Dragon Jennie Kim Dating Style Music Blackpink Bigbang

G-Dragon and Jennie Kim at the MET Gala or any red carpet awards will be the death of every Blink and VIP. With an envious access to the world’s best designers, they’ll be shutting it down in no time. Heck, even the airport is their runway! (Search “airport fashion Korea” and you’ll spot the both of them immediately). Because remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake walked the American Music Awards in matching denim back in 2001? Yep. Our Pinterest boards are ready for all the jaw-dropping Instagram pics.


G-Dragon Jennie Kim Dating Style Music Blackpink Bigbang

For the record, the only time we’ve seen them on stage was back in 2013 when they performed G-Dragon’s track, “BLACK” featuring a baby Jennie. This was before Blackpink dominated the world and it was one of her first live performances. Back in 2017, she shared the “painful” memory of being inexperienced unlike G-Dragon who has been performing for years. Now, we just need Jennie to do a track called “PINK” and feature him. (MAMA, SBS Inkigayo and The Late, Late, Show with James Corden already taking notes as we speak ✏️)


G-Dragon Jennie Kim Dating Style Music Blackpink Bigbang

As celebrated artists in their own right, art exhibitions, music festivals like and mini cities aren’t too far from reality. Jennie having a best friend who’s also a respected musician and exhibitionist (can we please be BFFs with Song Mino, too?) and G-Dragon having collaborated with talented individuals from the art world with his brand Peaceminusone is already a powerhouse itself.

At the moment, YG Entertainment has released a statement addressing the rumors by saying they “cannot confirm anything.”

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