jamie miller i lost myself in loving you

At His Most Honest, Jamie Miller Reveals The Story Behind ‘I Lost Myself In Loving You’

We’re not crying, you are.

Fact: Jamie Miller will always wear his heart on his sleeves, but in the intimate telling that is I Lost Myself In Loving You, he gets even more candid. Naturally, the tears keep on coming.

Listen, nobody likes a heartbreak. No matter how calloused, jaded, or tough one postures themselves to be, even the slightest pinch will leave the most unyielding out of sorts. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of comprehension and closure, there is no prescription for processing these often-conflicting emotions. While there is no clear-cut path to hopefully move on eventually, everyone starts from the same point: recognizing and realizing that pain demands to be felt. Sure, one can argue that the field of feelings is nothing but an inconvenience, however there is no sense belittling it as such, because the honest truth is, this is where we become better human beings. A wise woman once said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and no one can attest to this more than Jamie Miller.

The chances of Jamie Miller not reducing us to a sopping and sobbing mess are slim. Tracing the trajectory of his career from The Voice UK, scoring many TikTok videos with his emotional breakthrough hit, Here’s Your Perfect, to setting the unsaid in a stunning soundtrack in Snowdrop, the tears just keep on coming. And truth be told, we won’t have it any other way. This time, it isn’t just the heart that is worn on his sleeves, because in the release of his latest emotional exposition, I Lost Myself In Loving You, Jamie Miller bares his soul for all the world to see. Perhaps his most personal work to date, the singer and songwriter lets it all out in the honest and heartfelt piano-focused ballad.

“These last few years have been an emotional rollercoaster, but now I have a story to tell that I think will be relatable to many people,” Jamie Miller shares. “I hope this song can help mend a few broken hearts.”

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

“Sometimes getting your heart broken leads to much better things. So, if you’re going through that now, don’t hide it or try and disguise it,” he admits on Instagram. “As much as it sucks and makes you feel like shit sometimes, everything you’re feeling now will fade away.” Putting the pain to paper, Jamie Miller recounts the aching memory barbed in pain that has left him profoundly deceived and devastated.

“In 2020 I met someone and fell completely in love with them, but it was a guy. For the first time, I felt what they portray in the movies. I felt that kind of love…the love you dream of as a kid BUT never think was possible. But I was just so scared that the person I fell for was a guy,”he reveals in a particularly vulnerable post. “It was all new to me every part of it. I didn’t tell ANYONE, not even my best mates. I was scared. I felt alone, I felt depressed. I felt empty and anyone who knows me knows me as a bubbly, happy-go-lucky guy with a smile on my face. ALWAYS.”Riveting, raw, and resonant, this evocative essaying would become the language that would inform and inspire the confident conviction in I Lost Myself In Loving You.

“I ended up falling so hard for this guy and slowly found out they were with someone…I was crushed if I’m being honest. Everything about me started to fade away and I guess my spark started to dim,” he recalls. “When someone is so involved in your life, and when Your morning, afternoon, and night routine is consumed by someone else, it was just hard. I was obsessed with putting their happiness before my own and I started lose myself completely.”

I Lost Myself In Loving You

With the weight of his hurt weighing down on him at a time when he was supposed to be on top of the world (striking a breakthrough in Here’s Your Perfect), Jamie Miller had to temper everything, smiling and soldiering on even if he felt numb, lost, and left with nothing to say personally.

From this place of incomparable hurt, his hollowed out heart would eventually come to terms with a lot of things, especially with living out his truth. Coming out as bisexual last year lifted and liberated his spirits, but it was through the cathartic exercise of music that really allowed him to let go. In a sense, in the same way he intended with I Lost Myself In Loving You, this his way of telling himself, “You got this.”

“In December I went into the studio and I wrote I Lost Myself In Loving You. For the first time in a long time, I had something to say,” relates Jamie Miller. “For the first time, I could express what was going on…It was an opportunity to move past and let go. That’s why this song means so much to me. Because I’m not scared or ashamed of the person I am today. I’m proud and happy that I was able to move past such a difficult time in my life.”

Finding Himself In Love

Gripping and gutting, I Lost Myself In Loving You is where his heart transcended through the acutely distressing and carve it into something beautiful. A haunting ballad that coalesces heart-wrenching lyrics with soaring percussions and production, as well as of the distinctly expressive voice of Jamie Miller, this emotional eloquence cuts through many contexts, making for a compelling anthem that you will want to sing your heart out to.

“It’s sad / You ruined all my favorite things to do / Looking back / The only thing I’d change is you,” he sings, the intensity rising. “I’m trying to find the heart I lost / I’m trying to be who I once was.” Confronting the inevitable is never comfortable, but as harrowing as it proves to be, nothing compares to the lightness of being that comes after the storm. “Became someone else I never knew, I never knew / I was there when you needed saving / But you wouldn’t do the same thing / I lost myself, lost myself in loving you,” continues Jamie Miller in the lungful chorus, which by all accounts is an impressive eruption of glowing confidence at every poignant turn.

Yes, Jamie Miller may have lost in loving, which in itself isn’t a complete waste of time, but here, he eventually found healing, and most importantly, himself. And let it be known, there is no better beginning to a greater love than from a mended broken heart.