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A TikTok Duet Turned Reality, Jamie Miller Performs With Morissette Amon On ASAP

Ah, now there’s your perfect.

Despite the time and distance between them, Jamie Miller and Morissette Amon performed together in the best possible way. Who would’ve thought that TikTok made this happen?

“Philippines I’m coming,” wrote Jamie Miller on Twitter followed by three vibrant red hearts. He was of course alluding to his announced performance with Morissette Amon on the Sunday noontime habit, ASAP, one that was met with high anticipation, naturally. Having just released the snappy track, Running Out Of Roses, with Alan Walker, performing for Lazada, and celebrating his birthday, the Here’s Your Perfect singer was having quite the week, especially in the Philippines, even without actually setting foot here just yet. Leading up to his duet with Morissette Amon, Jamie Miller was already storming the trending topic lists and populating much of social media, proving that he already is quite the force to be reckoned with.

While it wasn’t the performance that they both had hoped for, considering the circumstances, Jamie Miller and Morissette Amon made it a moment to remember from across the miles. From LA, where Jamie is based, to the ASAP stage, the two singers (both The Voice alums, by the way), sang their hearts out to the tender telling and heartbreakingly honest ballad that has enchanted the world over, especially on TikTok where it has become a mammoth of a hit. With its aching lyrics and gutting progression, Here’s Your Perfect has soundtracked many soul-stirring snippets and covers on the video-sharing app, where the singer has taken a penchant to listening in on and even encouraging users to duet with him.

This is the very reason Jamie Miller and Morissette Amon connected in the first place, because after so many requests from fans, the Filipina musician took on the challenge and sang with the Welsh singer on TikTok.

TikTok Saw It First


thank you for the opportunity, @jamiemillmusic ✨ ##HeresYourPerfect ##fyp

♬ original sound – Morissette

Considering this was all done within the day of August 15, the wheels of possibility went into overdrive and before we knew it, the announcement was made. “Hey Kapamilya, it’s Jamie Miller and don’t miss my song, Here’s Your Perfect, with Morissette on ASAP Natin ‘To,” he said himself, much to the delight of fans who were only dreaming of this collaboration. “This song is for all of you. Mahal ko kayo.”

While separated by distance and time, Jamie Miller and Morissette Amon sang in perfect harmony, their signature vocals making the most sense in both the quiet pockets and of course, the soaring choruses. Navigating the performance through a screen, the two powered through the evocative single with an impressive chemistry that made it seem like they were on the same stage getting lost in the song.

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The talk of the town even well into the day, this performance was further proof that despite of the limits that the world is facing, the music won’t stop. In a not-so perfect situation, Jamie Miller and Morissette Amon made sure it was just as magical as it would have been live. “Thrilled that this collab finally happened! Congratulations Jamie and to your whole team on the success of this beautiful hit and all the new music coming,” Morissette wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for this opportunity to sing with you, though virtually for now.”

To which Jamie Miller graciously and genuinely replied: “My pleasure,” heart emojis included.

The possibilities, clearly, are endless. Imagine, a TikTok duet became reality just like that? Nothing beats a live performance, yes, but for the time being, this is perfect.