Jamie Miller Is Living His Best Life In His First Trip To The Philippines

Making sweet, sweet music with his Filipino fans.

Jamie Miller opens up about his Filipino fans, working with OPM stars like Moira Dela Torre, his new EP, and more.

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In his over two decades of existence, Jamie Miller hasn’t stepped foot in the Philippines. But with the way he’s built a following in the country, he may as well be a frequent flier to the country. The rising pop star first landed on the playlists of many Pinoys with his viral smash, Here’s Your Perfect, back in 2021. Just a couple of years later, he’s already worked with a handful of Filipino artists and even got local representation after he signed with NYMA. And now, the musician is in the Philippines, and as you can expect, he’s been loving the moment. 


While Jamie Miller may only have a week to spend in the country, his itinerary could fit a month’s vacation. Among other things, Jamie has guested on numerous shows, had a busking session at BGC, rode a jeepney, and experienced the local nightlife. “It’s been incredible. It’s been really fun immerse myself into the Filipino culture,” says Jamie, who adds that he’s always wanted to visit the country but couldn’t due to the pandemic. After appreciating his Filipino fans over social media, it’s been everything and then some for the young singer-songwriter to finally experience all that in person. 

Jamie Miller

“It feels amazing. I feel like it’s everything that I imagined and more and just like to be able to meet the people that changed my life is just incredible.” And while he’s had multiple opportunities already to meet his Filipino fans, his biggest one will come this Saturday, September 30, as the British singer will be performing live for his first-ever Manila fan meet at Ayala Malls U.P. Town Center Activity Center. “I’m excited,” he says on his Manila mall show. 

From one amazing voice to another, Jamie knows he has some expectations to live up to performing for his Pinoy fans live and in person. “It’s an amazing feeling. But also it’s intimidating because every one of you is so talented out here.” 


Jamie Miller may have only visited the Philippines recently, but his collaborations with Filipino artists span a couple of years now. His TikTok duet with Morissette turned real when they dueted on ASAP, Jamie famously reacted to SB19 Stell’s cover of Here’s Your Perfect, and he recently teamed up with Moira Dela Torre for a new version of Maybe Next Time. The latter project in particular proved to be quite exciting for Jamie. 

“I’ve known of Moira for a long time. I think she’s incredibly talented. I remember me and my manager talking about having a Filipina on Maybe Next Time. And I said, maybe we could reach out to Moira. And when she said yes, I was just so excited. I think she just made the song so much better,” he gushes on the OPM superstar. And from talking over Zoom, the two finally met in person for a performance of Maybe Next Time on the Wish Bus. “She’s just an incredible human being able to talk to her about each other’s story and what the song meant to her was incredibly special to me.”

Jamie Miller

And if you’re wondering, no, Jamie isn’t done crossing his Filipino artist wishlist just yet. “I love Ben&Ben and Zack Tabudlo. I think they’re incredible. So, if I had the opportunity to work with them, I would love that.” In the same way Jamie’s music has connected with so many people around the world, so too is that connection found when he collaborates with artists from around the world. 

While he and the Filipino artists he works with come from two different cultures and continents, they find that common ground in music. “Just being able to speak to different artists around the world is just amazing. We all want to do the same thing and see each other win. And I think it’s really important that we embrace that about each other.” 


His trip to the Philippines isn’t the only thing to watch out for from Jamie Miller. On October 4, his second EP, The Things I Left Unsaid, drops. According to the UK musician, he used his experiences in the past year, warts and all, to fuel his latest musical project. “I started writing this project when I was coming out of a deep depression. For me, last year was kind of a rough year, personally and professionally. There was a lot of change in my life, like friendships ending and heartbreak.”

He continues, “I think I needed to take a little time off to recalibrate and figure out what I wanted to do and write about. And I think in that time, I learned a lot about Jamie. And I felt like I didn’t have that before. From the first song on the EP to the last time, you see, it goes into a healing process.” This introspective journey Jamie embarked on proved to be the solace he was looking for as he channeled the emotions, pain, and lessons learned into a manifesto of change. It all makes for an EP that Jamie believes is his most personal to date and the one he is most proud of.


Thanks to the power of social media and his undeniable talent and voice that cuts deep into your soul, Jamie Miller has seen his career exponentially grow in the past two years. But the young star has been hustling in the industry since the mid-2010s, first with an unsuccessful audition for X Factor and then the 6th season of The Voice UK, where he eventually placed third. 

While taking the reality competition route helped expose Jamie to many, he also wasn’t blinded by the stigma it gave him. “People will think you go into The Voice and it’s gonna change your life forever. The hard work starts when the show finishes. And for me, I could either go back to a normal job, or I can keep going.” 

Jamie Miller

As someone who has been through the whole system, Jamie finds it almost shameful that people get looked down upon just because they competed in a competition show. “At first, there’s a stigma and it’s sad that there is one because I feel like people go on these shows to have an audience and share their talent with the world. It’s how you work that makes it count.”

Instant success wasn’t in the cards for Jamie, but soon, the dam started to crack as more people, including A-list stars, started to see Jamie for his talent. “I think the stigma started to break when my idols started to post about me like Kelly Clarkson and P!nk, all these people that I’ve looked up to my whole life. That’s when people started to say, ‘Oh, it’s not just a kid from a TV show. This is someone who has a shot to do it the right way.”

But don’t get it twisted, looking back on his time in The Voice UK, Jamie wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. “I wouldn’t change anything. I would probably change how I sang the songs that I picked. But I wouldn’t ever change anything. I feel like everything happens for a reason.”


Many aspire to live that dream musician life. But few like Jamie Miller can say that they are living it in the here and now. The fact that he gets to travel the world is the kind of validation he needs on just how far he’s come in life.

“I feel like just being able to come to a place I’ve never been before and people are singing my words back to me, it was just a surreal feeling. I think for a long time, and I don’t know if it’s just me or if this is every artist, we kind of deal with disassociation sometimes. You go into these rooms and places that you’ve always wanted to be in and people respect you. This is cool, but it’s also like, how is this happening?” 

With a career that has reached all four corners of the world, Jamie has been booked and busy traveling the globe and getting that bag. But just because he’s getting his passport stamped doesn’t mean he’s missing out on the simpler things in life. 

Jamie Miller

“If it’s on a work trip, sleep. And if it’s personal, I just like to go out and explore. I love going out to explore new places and trying new foods, drinks, and more fun stuff,” he says about what he does during his free time. And when he’s back home in Los Angeles, he goes for the one-two punch of hiking and reality TV. “I love going on hikes. And I just like to watch reality TV shows. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love a good reality TV show.”

The fast-paced life is what Jamie Miller always envisioned for himself. But even a star on the rise knows when to take breaks as he makes it a point to be kind to himself. “I definitely give myself grace with my schedule. I just make sure I have some time to rest.” Luckily, Jamie hasn’t experienced being burnt out as the mixture of excitement, past experiences, and a strong support system grounds him on his path. 

“I’ve experienced both worlds like I was a server and I was in a call center. And I think coming from that life also just made me so grateful for the life that I have now. I think my family keeps me grounded, too. So I don’t think I’ll be getting away with anything. I’m very happy and grateful but I do give myself grace if I’m feeling tired or burnt out.” 


From reality show contestant to a new name and voice from Gen Z to watch out for, Jamie Miller has been through enough lifetimes that many his age will never get to experience. While his journey has its twists and turns, he’s right where he’s supposed to be, something he wants his younger self to know. “One thing I would tell him is to take a deep breath, everything’s gonna be fine. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Everything’s gonna work out the way you want it to.” 

Jamie Miller

And given the name of his new EP, Jamie has the perfect advice on avoiding those regrets in life. “Surround yourself with good people and friends. And if there’s anybody toxic in your life, don’t be afraid to remove them. I think one thing I’ve learned over this chapter of my life and this season that I’m in right now is that not everybody’s meant to be in your life forever. And if it’s just a season or a chapter, don’t be afraid to close it.”

Photos by Drew Baker

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