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He’s Into Her Episode 8 The Queen Bee And The Shark Recap

What do you do when your ex comes back into your life?

Episode 8 of He’s Into Her sees both Deib and Max deal with people from their past while a big revelation shakes up Max and her family.

As He’s Into Her nears its finale, the show is ratcheting up the tension and the big plot moments as seen in episode 8. As the title suggests, this episode has important people from Deib’s and Max’s past come back which could significantly shake things up. Meanwhile, the conclusion to the investigation on Max’s attack brings with it some major revelations. Here is a recap of episode 8 of He’s Into Her The Queen Bee and The Shark. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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Episode 8 begins with Kim’s return to Benison. Deib and Kim go talk. She tells him that she is still in love with him and wants him back. Deib ignores her advances though and says that he no longer loves her because she broke his heart by cheating on him. This doesn’t deter Kim, however, and tells him that the more he resists, the more she wants him. Meanwhile, Max and her friends are talking. Ysay informs Max that Deib and Kim were close friends before they started dating and that they were each other’s first love. Naih tells Max that she should watch out and fight for Deib’s love.

Later that day, Deib and Max meet up at the basketball court. Here, Deib tells Max that he is no longer into Kim. He reveals that Kim left Benison to go to the US because she signed a modeling contract. Deib discovered that Kim kissed another guy, and he almost forgave her, but then he caught her kissing the same guy again. Deib says that when Max makes their relationship official, he’ll always stay faithful to her.

At The Barb, as Max is cleaning up, Kim confronts her. She asks Max if she likes Deib and Max doesn’t respond. Kim says that she still loves Deib and is very protective of him, which is why she wants to know if Max likes Deib. Max says that she doesn’t know yet and brings up the fact that Kim cheated on Deib. Max then roasts Kim by saying that if that is how Kim loves someone, Max doesn’t love Deib in the same way as Kim does.


Episode 8 transitions to the friend group hanging out at The Barb. Migz watches a video of Hunter and Ysay dancing together and Deib asks him if he’s ok. Deib says that he can tell that Migz likes Hunter, which he fesses up to. Migz though knows that Hunter likes Ysay, so he doesn’t know if they’ll be together. Lorde then makes a comment that Migz could easily replace Ysay with the way he acts and Elle tells Lorde that he shouldn’t make stereotypes like that and associate certain things with certain genders.

Max then walks in and she and Deib talk. The two take a picture together and the others tease them about their relationship. Deib asks Max if he can open an account in her heart. Max replies by saying that he can only if he gets permission from his dad. Deib says that he wants to prove to Max’s dad that he is a changed man.


Later on, Max and her friends are in The Barb. Max is about to send an email to RJ when Randall walks in. It is then revealed that Randall is RJ, Max’s ex. Randall asks Max if they can talk but she refuses. Her friends tell Randall to just leave and Madam Barb comes in and tells Max that she has a delivery to do. Randall offers to drive Max but she refuses. But her boss insists that she ride with him to save time. After the delivery, Max tries to brush Randall off but when she falls into his arms, their past memories together come rushing back and she agrees to talk to him.

In Randall’s car, Max asks, even demands him to tell her why he became a stranger to her. Randall reveals that when he went to the US, he had a hard time. He lost his spot for his basketball scholarship and the home he was living in was a toxic environment. Randall wanted to tell Max what was happening to him, but he didn’t want to be the boyfriend who just complains. He needed to be alone. When he came back to the Philippines, he tried to see her again and it was only now that he saw her. After taking what he said all in, Max tells Randall that she forgives him and accepts the fact that they are over, but that they can still be friends. Randall accepts that and they hug it out.


The next day, Elle and Max are at home as Max struggles on how to tell Deib about Randall. Elle asks what’s wrong and Max informs her of Randall. Elle tells her that she should tell the truth to Deib because he deserves to know the truth. If Deib was honest with Max to show his dark side, Max should do the same for Deib. Max agrees and thanks Elle for her honesty which leaves Elle slightly bothered. In school, Max is about to tell Deib about Randall when Migz comes into the room and tells Max that the headmaster is looking for her.

In arguably the biggest revelation of episode 8, Max is informed that the investigation is complete and that Choco was the one who attacked Max. We then learn that Ysay is Choco’s step sister and she knew what Choco did. Apparently, Choco just wanted to hit her locker to scare her but Max fought back and she hit her head on the locker. Aimee then says Elle and Choco planned the attack while Khloe rats out Aimee saying that she also knew about the incident and even showed up to see if the plan would push through. (She was the one who ran away in the hoodie.)

Aimee feels betrayed but Kim says that was revenge for trying to kiss Deib. Ysay and Khloe get a one-week suspension for covering up for Choco and Aimee respectively. Aimee, Choco, and Elle, meanwhile, get expelled from Benison for their actions. All of this leaves Max visibly distraught.


Back at home, Elle is crying while their parents are having a fight. Elle’s mom wants her dad to file an appeal and make sure that Elle doesn’t get expelled. Her dad though is angry at Elle and feels that what she is getting is a just punishment, a lesson learned of sorts. This leaves Elle’s mom visibly upset and angry. Elle and her mom then walk out.

Meanwhile, at The Barb, the friends are torn over what happened. Migz and Naih can’t believe that Ysay would do that to Max. Michiko though feels that they shouldn’t be too quick to judge Ysay. This then leads to a short argument between Naih and Michiko. Meanwhile, Deib is just worried about Max.

The final scene of episode 8 sees an emotional Elle and her mom move out of the house. Elle tells Max that she initially befriended her because she was scared, but that she saw the goodness in Max’s heart and felt that she wouldn’t destroy her family. Inadvertently, Elle was the one who destroyed her family. She apologizes to Max before leaving.


Out of all the episodes so far of He’s Into Her, episode 8 feels like one of the most consequential with everything that happens and is revealed. First, Kim returns to Benison, and she means business. She’s not there to make friends and it’s clear that she wants Deib back and Max out of the picture. There’s no second-guessing who Kim is which is why Dalia Varde plays her so well and she really hams it up.

We also get to learn that Randall is actually RJ and Max’s ex. While ex-lovers of Max and Deib return into their lives, there’s a night and day difference in how the two are handled. Randall isn’t just portrayed as a dumb athlete who cheated on Max. He went through some serious problems when he was in the US and felt that he couldn’t talk to Max for understandable reasons. At this point in the story, we just saw Randall Echavez as the team captain of the Southbay Sharks. But in episode 8, we get to see his character fleshed out more and it’s nice to see Jeremiah Lisbo flex his acting skills here.


Episode 8 is also able to highlight Elle and how she doesn’t have a cold heart. We get to see her get put through the wringer in this episode as Melizza Jimenez shows a more vulnerable side of Elle. Her and her mom leaving the house has some big implications for their family so it will be interesting to what happens next in the last two episodes.

It was also nice how in episode 8, the show was able to touch a bit upon gender stereotypes, how we shouldn’t automatically associate certain actions with a gender, and even the racism Randall faced in the US. Those are timely and important topics that should be talked about. Though more time could have been given to Migz’s feelings towards Hunter. It could be inferred in past episodes that Migz liked Hunter, but it would have been better if that was fleshed out a bit more because that conversation didn’t feel as important as it should be.

Overall, episode 8 is one of the most emotional episodes of the series so far and another strong entry. A lot happened in this episode and we’re curious to see how the series manage to address things by the end.

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