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He’s Into Her Episode 7 She’s Back Recap

TagSen is real, unless Kim has anything to say about it.

Episode 7 of He’s Into Her shines as one of the best episodes of the series to date as Deib tries to take his relationship with Max to the next level.

After everything that has happened between Max and Deib, is it still possible for them to be more than friends? Episode 7 of He’s Into Her centers on this theme as Deib is put in the spotlight of the episode as we get to learn more about his past and see him try to advance his relationship with Max. Episode 7 also sees a major character return that could shack up things significantly. Here’s a recap of He’s Into Her episode 7, She’s Back. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead.)

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Episode 7 begins in the aftermath of Max’s attack at Benison. Deib makes a group chat called Justice For Max and calls for a student investigation and meeting the next day. In the meeting, the students are discussing who could have possibly attacked Max with a few names being mentioned. When Aimee’s name gets brought up, Elle defends her saying that she knows Max is her sister and she wouldn’t hurt her family. Deib then says that they should stick to facts and that he saw a student run away with a Benison bear attached to the backpack. But a lot of the students have a Benison bear attached to their backpack so that didn’t narrow down the search that much.

Later, Elle and Aimee are talking in the girl’s bathroom and Elle starts panicking. Aimee says that the CCTV cameras were covered near the locker area and that there’s a lot of people who are angry at Max so they won’t get caught. Elle is getting nervous about the situation and says that she does not want to disappoint her parents with her actions as she is on the verge of tears. Aimee dismisses her feelings and they leave. Unbeknownst to them, Ysay was also there listening to the conversation.


In the hospital, Max is with her dad when Elle shows up. Elle is nice towards Max and asks her if she wants something she can get her. Max politely declines and tells her that she won’t talk to her in school as to not embarrass her. Elle then says that even if they can’t automatically form a bond between each other, they can still learn to co-exist and even be friends. Max’s friends show up and after some chit-chat, they promise to never keep any secrets between each other with a visibly bothered Ysay looking on.

Later in episode 7, Max is about to text Deib a thank you for saving her when her friends back in Mindoro text her. She learns that RJ called back home and asked where she was. This causes Max to get surprised at the revelation that RJ is back in the Philippines. The next day, Deib is preparing to give gifts to Max at the hospital when he bumps into Randall at the hospital parking lot. He asks Randall who he’s visiting, and he says his girlfriend. Randall then asks who Deib is visiting and he says his girlfriend. But when Deib arrives at Max’s room, he learns that she was already discharged.


In school, Tob asks Michiko if he can court her but she doesn’t give a definitive answer which is ok for Tob as he said he can wait.

Deib asks if Max is ok and says that he’s just concerned for her, alluding to the fact that Deib is feeling deeper things for Max. They then see Max back at school and they run to greet her. At this point, Max and Elle are together as Elle is no longer hanging out with Aimee and Khloe. Elle asks Max if she can join her friends which she says yes to. At the cafeteria, Elle is welcomed with open arms to the group. Max then receives a text from Deib asking her if they can have lunch tomorrow. He then says that he didn’t ask her in person because he didn’t know how to approach her. Finally, he asks her if they can be friends, all to the amusement of Max’s friends.


In one of the more important scenes of episode 7, Max is having lunch with Deib when he admits to her that he likes her. He wants the two of them to be more than friends and asks her to court her. Max is unsure because her dad does not like Deib and doesn’t want them to get into trouble. Deib says he can wait and that Max has made him a better person and wants to show a better version of himself to her. Max then asks him to instead show his true self to her. Deib then brings her to his brother, Dale.

It is at this point where we get to learn more about Deib’s past through a flashback. Deib is drunk at a bar getting angry at Kim for cheating on him. A heartbroken Deib asks his brother to pick him up. Deib inadvertently caused Dale’s accident since if he didn’t call for him to pick him up, Dale wouldn’t have been shot by the carnappers. The accident is also the reason why Deib and his mom have an icy relationship because she blames him for what happened to Dale.

Deib says that his actions make him a bad person and brother, but Max interjects saying that he wasn’t the reason why Dale is in the hospital, it was the criminals. Deib then says that in their first meeting, he was actually rushing because they found one of the shooters but missed him because of the accident. Max says sorry but he says that it’s fine, because he was able to find her.


Later that night, Max asks for advice from her grandmother. Max says that she has this friend who wants to prioritize family and school over love, but is unsure whether to pursue someone she likes. Her grandmother says that Max’s friend is someone who is scared to be in love because she is afraid that she might get hurt and affect the things she holds dear. Her grandmother then advises that Max’s friend should be honest with herself. Later, Elle and Max are spending some time together and Elle looks visibly bothered. She almost opens up about the accident but stops herself when their father comes in to update them on the investigation.


In school, Max and Deib are talking and she tells him that they can’t date and he can’t court her because his dad would get angry. After Deib throws out a series of cheesy one-liners, he says that he can wait and jokes that if she doesn’t want to be courted, they can just be dating or MU, which Max is unsure of since their mutual understanding might become a misunderstanding. She then says that they should learn how to be friends first because they haven’t done that yet. The finale of episode 7 sees Kim show up in a Regina George-esque moment that announces her arrival back to school. And just like that, Max and Deib, specifically Max, has a new rival in Benison.


Episode 7 of He’s Into Her continues the show’s winning streak of delivering strong episodes that deliver on character development and plot. With the return of Kim, the show now has a new source of tension to revolve around with and it will be interesting to see how the last three episodes of the series deal with that.

Arguably the people who benefit the most from Episode 7 are Elle and Deib. For Elle, we see that she is no longer just a rich mean girl, but someone with complicated feelings towards her situation. She is bothered by guilt over her involvement in Max’s attack and knows what she did was wrong. We get to see a new side to Elle that makes her feel more relatable and more nuanced.

For Deib, we get to see him do a full 180 in the episode. Once he opens up about his feelings towards Max, he becomes a different person and talks to her in a different way. Seeing Donny Pangilinan deliver those one-liners felt so cheesy, but in a good way and was defiantly one of the highlights of the episode. We get to see more of his past and how that shaped him. Deib is a man wracked by guilt and is trying his best to turn himself around and become a better person.

The only issue with the episode was the scene where Tob asks Michiko if he can court her. That moment should be a significant moment in their relationship, but the way it’s filmed and shown makes it look more awkward than important. We’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out. Overall another great episode in the bag for He’s Into Her.

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