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He’s Into Her Episode 5: Friend Request Denied! Recap

Back to square one.

Episode 5 of He’s Into Her not only sees Deib realize his feelings for Max, but that there are challenges facing their potential relationship.

Deib and Max are finally friends…Or are they? In Episode 5 of He’s Into Her, Max and Deib enter a new chapter of their relationship, one that brings with it new experiences, feelings, and challenges. While it might look like both of them have made up, it looks as though it’s stormy seas ahead. Here is a recap of He’s Into Her Episode 5, Friend Request Denied!. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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Friends At Last

Episode 5 starts with the aftermath of Aimee pulling Max’s hair. Deib goes to help Max and tells Aimee to apologize. Aimee refuses and reminds Deib of the time she comforted him when he just broke up with Kim and they almost kissed. Their fellow classmates start to murmur as Deib denies what happened and pretends to not know her. Aimee and her friends leave the scene.

Later on, Max and her friends meet up with Deib and his friends. Deib tells Lorde to tell the other students to stop calling Max Taguro while Max tells her friends to stop calling Deib Sensui.

More Than Friends?

With the success of the anti-bullying project, Deib and Max are finally friends, but it looks like Deib may be feeling more for Max. During English class, both of them say that it’s possible for enemies to turn into lovers. While in the library, Deib helps Max reach a book on the top shelf. During PE class, Max and Deib are paired up and play around for a little bit. Their PE teacher then tells them that they are being called to the Headmaster’s office.

In the office, the two of them initially think that they are in trouble, but in reality, the headmaster wants to congratulate them on a job well done for the anti-bullying project. He then asks them to do a special project for the janitors, security, and other support staff of Benison. Both of them agree to do it.

Later that night, Max and Deib are texting and we learn that Deib has a list of notes on Max when he learns that her favorite food is fried chicken. While Deib is getting excited, Max tells herself that Deib is just a friend and will not make the same mistake he did with her ex.

Falling Out

The next day, Max, Deib, and their friends prepare for the event, but Deib shows up late which annoys Max and she ignores him. But the both of them have a special moment when Deib catches Max when she slips. Later in the day, the karaoke machine is set and they decide to try it out. Max and Deib have a duet together and when the song is done, Deib tells Max he likes her. In the most pivotal scene of the episode, Hunter tells Max that he wanted to collab with her, but that he knows her MU, Deib, can get jealous. Max gets confused and doesn’t understand why he would call Deib her MU. At the moment, Deib decides to pass it off as a joke which gets Max angry and she walks out.

Afterward, Lorde invites Naih, Michiko, Ysay, and Migz onto his vlog as they recap past events. It then delves into what they think happened between Max and Deib over the past 4 episodes and whether or not they’ll make-up or not.

Following the event, the group meets at the basketball court to discuss the after-event report and it’s still clear that Max is angry at Deib for what he did. The two then have a heated argument which ends in Deib telling Max that if she doesn’t want to be friends, then they are not. And just like that, they are back to square one.

From enemies to friends to enemies

While episode 4 felt like the show was entering a new chapter, episode 5 is there to say that Deib and Max are still feuding, which makes for an interesting episode. It’s understandable that Max would act that way when Deib told her he liked her. With only 5 episodes left, it will be interesting to see how the show manages to patch up their relationship.

Deib’s character continues to show growth and you can tell that the way Donny plays him has changed from episode 1 to now. He’s showing more vulnerability and emotion. Meanwhile, it’s also nice to see that the mean girls are given more backstory as to why they act the way they act. Elle is resentful towards Max for entering her family while Aimee feels betrayed that Deib would treat her that way given what she has done for him in the past. Only Khloe so far isn’t given a reason as to why she hates Max other than because her friends do.

But one thing that episode 5 falters in is in the other love teams. Aside from having their short moments, Michiko and Tob, and Naih and Lee do not have that much character development. They aren’t the stars of the show, but they also shouldn’t be treated like one-offs. We would like to see more character growth in the next episodes. And we’re not saying they should get their own episode, but it would definitely help if their pairings were treated more than just cardboard cutouts.

Halfway There

As we reach the second half of He’s Into Her, Deib and Max are definitely the main pull of the show and we’re excited to see what will happen to them. We are also hopeful that the show will talk about other plotlines it touched upon like who hurt Deib’s brother and developing the other relationships further.

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