He’s Into Her Episode 6: Max Pained Recap

Deib to the rescue.

In episode 6 of He’s Into Her, we learn more about Max’s past. Meanwhile, Max and Deib’s friends plan for a way for them to make up.

Following Max and Deib’s friendship quarrel at the end of episode 5 of He’s Into Her, episode 6 sees the both of them and their friends try to find a way for them to make up. But of course, not everything can go according to plan in this event-packed episode. Here is a recap of He’s Into Her episode 6 Max Pained (Warning: Spoilers Ahead).

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Episode 6 picks up after Max and Deib’s falling out during their meeting. Deib and his friends leave the scene and we see Deib visiting his brother. There, he opens up about what happened between him and Max. He then somewhat recognizes that it was his fault for what happened between the two of them. He then gets a text from his ex, Kim. Max, meanwhile, is at The Barb with her friends. They’re telling Max to give Deib a second chance, but she refuses and opens up about her past relationship with RJ.

She first met RJ when they were 7 years old. He was on vacation in Mindoro and the two got close. Every time RJ would go to Mindoro for vacation, he would visit Max. One day, RJ taught Max how to play billiards and told her that if she won the game, he would court her. She won and he courted her. By the end of the summer, RJ asked if they could be officially dating, and Max agreed.

But soon after, RJ got a full-time scholarship in the US to play basketball. They kept up their long-distance relationship through email, but after a while, RJ stopped responding which broke her heart. This is why, despite the pleas of her friends, Max won’t forgive or give Deib a second chance because of what happened to her. Right before closing, a group of guys try to enter The Barb, and Max spots what she thinks is RJ.


Back at home, Max writes a letter to RJ asking him if that was him, but leaves it in the drafts. Her father then walks in and the two have a heart-to-heart moment. Max’s dad talked about how he and her mom met for the first time. He also apologized for not being there for Max, especially when her mother died during the tsunami in Japan. He then told her that he is so proud of her and still loves her mom very much. Max’s stepmom hears the conversation and gets emotional which leads to a heartwarming scene between her and Elle.


Despite the fighting, it seems that Deib has some feelings left for Max since he watches a compilation of their best moments. The next day, Aimee, Khloe, and Elle talk about Max. Khloe suggests that they should convince Kim to go back to Benison, but the idea is then shot down by Aimee. She then suggests that something should happen to Max for her to leave and one of their classmates offers to do the job. Later at The Barb, Max’s friend group and Deib’s friend group are there and it’s still clear that Max and Deib aren’t on talking terms. Their friends then discuss a way for them to make up, and they come up with Project TagSen: Together Agen.


Deib’s friends bring him to the auditorium while Max is in the library. Lee says that he’s going to take Max out on a date. This then gets Deib to text Max that he wants to talk to her at the lockers. Max then gets angry because he sounds demanding. Lee then says that he is going to be nice to Max when he sees her so Deib texts Max in a nicer way. Lee goes further by saying that he is going to be honest when he talks to Max, so Deib tells Max that he wants to talk to her because their fighting is causing distress among their friends. Max agrees to see Deib.

Things aren’t right though as when Max walks to the lockers, she’s being followed. In the pivotal scene of episode 6, Max is attacked with a bat, but she defends herself and in the process hits her head in the lockers, leaving her unconscious. Deib sees someone run away and sees Max unconscious on the ground. He then takes her to the hospital.


At the hospital, Max wakes up to Deib, all her friends, her family, and even the headmaster there. She is informed about the incident but doesn’t recall who did it or if she saw anyone nearby. This is when the rest learn that Elle’s father is Max’s father and in extension, Max is Elle’s stepsister. Everyone is told to leave Max’s room, but before Deib does, Max’s father tells him to not bring trouble to his daughter.

At the hospital waiting area, the two groups discuss Max’s heritage which causes Elle to leave in discomfort. Deib then reveals that he knew about Max’s father since she told him when they were working on the anti-bullying project. They are then informed by their headmaster that they should go home and Tob offers to take Michiko home. Lee does the same for Naih while Ysay, Migz, and Lorde leave together.

In the final scene of episode 6, Max talks to her relatives back in Mindoro while Deib tries to enter her room but does not as he remembers Max’s father’s words. He then visits his brother and opens up that he does bring pain to people, and feels bad that it was Max.


Episode 6 is one of the show’s better episodes. It is a strong episode that delivers on the plot and character development. Max is arguably the star of the episode. We get to see her open up and get a glimpse of her past relationship with RJ. We then got to know more about her mother, as well as the relationship she has with her father. Episode 6 also highlights how different Max acts with her father’s family and her family in Mindoro. When she’s talking to her father, she’s reserved and laid back. But when she’s talking to her family in Mindoro, she lights up like a Christmas tree. Even if Elle is not nice to Max, she still won’t spill that they’re stepsisters because Max still considers Elle to be her family.

Episode 6 has also one of the most enjoyable scenes in the entire series so far in Project TagSen. Seeing the two friend groups talk to each other and trying to get Deib and Max to talk was so fun and enjoyable. It was a simple scene but done effectively. It’s reminiscent of the scene in the first High School Musical movie when they were trying to get Troy and Gabriela to perform in the show, but on a more scaled-down version. The only issue with the episode is that the attack on Max could have been more believable and done better. But that doesn’t ruin the experience of the episode.

Overall, episode 6 of He’s Into Her was a fun and enjoyable watch that brought its fair share of laughs and revelations. The show is entering its second half with momentum and based on next week’s episode preview, it seems that the momentum will continue.

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