Hello, BYE2021: A Look Back At The Record-Making Year-End Digital Concert

Deep in December, it's nice to remember.

From SB19, Ben&Ben, Nadine Lustre, James Reid, and Maris Racal, there was no need to skip through anything, because as it stood, BYE2021 was all sorts of explosive from start to finish.

Try as we might, time will always slip by as a curious thing. While it is natural to look forward to what comes next the tick, tick, tick, one can’t help but look back and feel some sort of longing for what has gone by. It is that sweet and sentimental spot that has us all caught up with a spectrum of emotions swinging from extremes, especially during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Sure, we could not wait to get rid of 2021 as fast enough, but even as we welcomed the next 365 days with heaps of hope, there was a lot of feelings to navigate in by-the-second increments. There was no getting lost, however, because together with some 1.3 million viewers, we were guided along the turning of the tide by BYE2021 music fest.

Bigger and better than its predecessor, BYE2021 really upped the ante of the digital concert experience as it played out on December 31, 2021. In what is set to become a Filipino year-end tradition, the virtual festival, at least up until it is safe to come together in the spirit of songs and community IRL once again, really batted for an unforgettable night by all accounts possible. Making major swings and landing it accordingly, it proved to be the most explosive year-end shindig that had us singing, dancing, and all out vibing until the traditional 10-second countdown.

And we haven’t gone to good parts yet.

Bigger And Better

Streamed simultaneously for free across Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, BYE2021 treated the audience to an impressive lineup of artists, 43 to be exact, ranging from local and international acts, as well as of the most sought after content creators populating our timelines. Presented by UMUSIC Philippines, the biggest online music fest gathered the likes of Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, SB19, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Juan Karlos, and Arthur Nery, with the special participation of Paul Klein and Jake Goss of LANY, Bonnie Bailey, Billkin, Lyn Lapid, Maximillian, VALLEY, with special appearances of Maris Racal, Albert Nicolas, Jim and Saab, and Ceejay Laqui.

Simulating the real-life concert experience, the show was filmed in a physical stage, which was not only a real eye-catcher, but it also elevated the value of the performances. Aside from that, fans who subscribed to the BYE2021 Fan Pack, which included limited-edition merch and a ZoomPit (the URL version of a mosh pit) that accorded them the chance to be featured in the BYE2021 fan cam, as well as of the good fortune of meeting their favorite artists before the show began. Joining the meet and greet were Zack Tabudlo, Ben&Ben, Arthur Nery, Adie, BLASTER, Justin Vasquez, Over October, Cheats, Fern., dia mate, R Rules,VVS Collective, Albert Nicolas, and 8 Ballin’

Deep In December, It’s Nice To Remember

From 7:00 PM until the clock struck 12:00 AM, there was a lot of good music and even greater company to carry us through the last stretch and into a whole new starting line. With energies and hope at an all time high, BYE2021 was truly a night to remember. There was a collective catharsis in the goodbye screamed from our bedroom dance parties in respective isolation, but things felt slightly more bearable and yes, more fun, making the happy New Year that followed more than just a relief, but a rocking and rolling affair to remember.

You can watch snippets of the concert and see more from the featured artists through the social media pages of BYE2021 on Facebook (BYE 2021), Instagram (@bye2021ph), Twitter (@bye2021ph), TikTok (@bye2021ph), and YouTube (bye2021).