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SB19 Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving With Its Fresh Merch Line That Is Proudly Made In The Philippines

Say What?

Before their next big breakthrough in P-pop, the boys of SB19 are tiding things over with the full fan experience in the release of their official and exclusive Pagsibol-inspired merch.

When it comes to the full fan experience, SB19 knows what’s up. Truly making their fans, A’TIN, feel like friends and family, they put their welfare and best interests first in everything from performances, live streams, and interviews. After all, incomparable skill and undeniable talent aside, the boys owe their success and milestones made to their tireless supporters. So, when the opportunity arises, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin make it a point to say, SLMT.

Off the heels of their smashing success of an anniversary concert last year, striking musical collabs, and the stunning display of artistry and Filipino excellence at the Round Festival, there is no stopping SB19 as they continue to bat for an even bigger year. Swinging into the new year, the P-Pop superstars and emerging global act are introducing a fresh merch line inspired by their compelling release, Pagsibol. “It was curated by fans for fans, and we wanted to make sure that it would live up to expectations especially with it being the first of its kind for P-pop,” says the Sony Music Philippines merch team, which SB19 worked closely with to make this happen.

With Love, SB19

“We made sure to involve SB19 members and ShowBT in every step of the way—from concept, design, down to execution and production. We presented our own ideas in the beginning, and from there, the ideas evolved as to what the whole team envisioned for the project,” the statement continues, detailing more creative minds to help bring this vision to life with such as Irmay Ledesma and Bea Zaragoza. “Specifically, SB19’s Justin De Dios serves as a co-creative director for the project, pitching in his input for all the studies and acting as liaison for the rest of the members when it comes to creative decisions.”

A true reflection of their music stands for, as expanded in the enthralling mix that is Pagsibol, this is more than just a mere co-sign from SB19, but rather a coming together of their vision and values. The exclusive and official Pagsibol merch, which is proudly made in the Philippines, features a collection of designs that uniquely references the aesthetics of SB19, as well as of their music, videos, and artwork from the album.

Already available online and at the official CO. Store, the Pagsibol merchandise of SB19 heroes three main collections: the What? Collection, which includes an Iron-On Patch and Enamel Pin; the MAPA Collection, which includes a bundled T-shirt and a collectible photocard, handmade resin keychain, as well as of an Iron-On Patch and Enamel; and the Pagsibol Collection, which features a poster and a photobook. While you have to accord a bit of patience for the photobook, which is still under pre-order, the wait will well be worth as it promises to be a first in the P-pop scene. Packaged with this exclusive are a collectible streaming plaque, poster, postcard, sticker sheet, and random member photocards.

Salamat, Thank You Very Much

While we wait for the next career-defining era the boys to come upon us, there are still a whole lot of things to enjoy from Pagsibol. As if reiterating their message for the fans, the line “S-l-m-t nang sobra mahalima mahal ka ng lima” takes on a unique physical form. Now, before their next big breakthrough in P-pop, the proudly Filipino undertaking from SB19 is enough to tide us over. “Salamat, sa-salamat, salamat / Thank you very much.”

The official Pagsibol merchandise is available for local online purchases and international online purchases, which ships worldwide. For pick-up and in-store purchases, items are available at the CO. Store, 3/F Shoppesville Mall in Greenhills, San Juan, and soon, Shopee and Lazada.