Fright Night With Blythe: Step Inside Andrea Brillantes’ Halloween Party In Her Latest Vlog

Blythe sure knows how to host a party.

Andrea Brillantes allures us with her otherworldly beauty and grace in her exclusive Halloween party, Fright Night With Blythe.

Almost a week has passed since Halloween weekend, but recently, celebrities have been sharing their spooky parties, and we are all for it, especially if it’s as creative and fun as Andrea Brillantes’ exclusive Halloween party she called Fright Night With Blythe. In her latest vlog, Blythe invites us back into that rainy night where they ended the month with a spooktacular celebration. And as usual, Blythe (who’s also this month’s MEGA Entertainment cover star) has blessed us with her charm, grace, and fun spirit that just makes us stan even harder. Let’s look at some of the unforgettable moments.

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Blythe in La Muerte costume

Last year, Blythe celebrated Halloween as Beth Harmon from Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. This year, Blythe stuns us with an intricately designed costume and makeup inspired by the character La Muerte in the animated film, The Book Of Life. She perfectly captures the deadly allure of the character as her sparkly red dress is filled with skulls, candles, and roses. Not only that, in her recent Instagram posts, Blythe and her boyfriend Ricci Rivero also dressed as Ghost Spider and Spiderman respectively, from the Marvel animated movie Spiderman Into The Spiderverse.


Kayla Aan Gorostiza in The Incredibles costume

Blythe’s older sister Kayla Aan Gorostiza was also present in the event, serving as the host and interviewing the guests. Kayla Aan also came prepared as she dressed up as Violet Parr from The Incredibles.

AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto

AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto in Andrea Brillantes' Halloween Party

Celebrity besties AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto also came to the party. Darren Espanto sported a bloody look as The Weeknd while AC jokingly called her skeleton-inspired costume as her “woke-up-like-this” look. 


Eldz Mejia as Blythe

We know that Halloween parties are a source of creativity and wild imagination. And some of Blythe’s friends, like Eldzs Mejia and Fold Canela, managed to be both creative and fun as they dressed as, guess what, Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero. Eldzs wore a white top and a red skirt while holding a black shirt with a “YES” print, reminiscent of Blythe’s look during Ricci’s famous public proposal. For their creativity, the pair won the cutest duo award during the party and took home a cash prize.


Blythe with the best costume winner

Not only did Blythe stun with her gorgeous costume, she was also a gracious host to her guests. Doubling the fun vibes of the event, Blythe also gave cash prizes, gift certificates, and even an iPhone 14 to those who looked the sexiest, scariest, and wore the best costume. 


Blythe talks about her prayers for the success of the party

Blythe ends the video with a heartfelt and positive message where she shares how much she’s prayed for the party to be successful. She shares that the lesson she’s learned about setting parties like this is to just stay calm and everything will be alright. (And indeed it was!) We’ll surely be looking forward to more fright nights with Blythe in the future. 

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