Andrea Brillantes’ Powder Game With Ricci Rivero

5 Cute Moments From Andrea Brillantes’ Powder Game With Ricci Rivero

Just pure and wholesome love (with a side of baby powder).

In Andrea Brillantes’ latest vlog with his boyfriend Ricci Rivero, their relationship is put to a powder-smacking test.

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Since Ricci Rivero’s public proposal and confession of love for Andrea Brillantes, the two have captured the hearts of their supporters with their pure feelings for each other. After Blythe’s Q & A vlog with the love of her life, which detailed the story of how their love has blossomed, we are treated to another fun and kilig-filled video where the cute couple does a powder game challenge with each other. Here are some of the highlights.


Andrea Brillantes gets kilig.

The first question asked by the gamemaster, who is Blythe’s older sister Kyla, is addressed to Ricci: What is Blythe’s full name? While the star basketball player has confidently answered the question correctly, it’s his pronunciation of Blythe’s first name, Ramona, that sends her to a kilig-inducing reaction.


Andrea Brillantes, also known as Blythe, says Estofado.

In another cute moment, Ricci is left stumped when he’s asked about the food that Blythe will choose to be her last meal. “You didn’t even try?” Blythe asks in slight disappointment while sporting a heavily powdered face. The vlog jokingly cuts into a little session where the couple is trying to figure out what went wrong. Blythe then reveals the answer as she playfully smacks Ricci’s face on the powder pillow.  


Blythe and Ricci having fun together.

When Ricci is asked, what is Blythe’s dream car, Blythe reacts and complains to her sister telling her that it’s unfair because they talk about it all day. What is supposed to be an easy answer for Ricci turns complicated as he says the wrong answer, leading the two of them to laugh out loud together.


Blythe says, "That was personal ha," to Ricci.

Ricci however gets his revenge in the next question as Blythe fails to answer the following question about Ricci’s favorite car. He shoves her face hard and Blythe is left a bit traumatized. “That was personal ha,” Blythe says in jest.


Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero shoving their faces on powder.

Blythe and Ricci find themselves shoving each other’s face together at the same time as they both fail to answer the question about their pet peeves, leaving both of their faces with powder masks. While both of them have considerably lost the challenge, they have nevertheless won our hearts yet again.

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