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Andrea Brillantes Is Over The Gossip And Rumors Said About Her

Don't judge before you know the full story.

As one of the biggest stars of the young generation, Andrea Brillantes has had a lot of things about her, both the good and the bad.

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Andrea Brillantes is the quintessential young star. But aside from her fame and fanbase, as well as of course, her talents in acting and dancing, Blythe is also an outspoken young female who isn’t afraid to be who she is and live her life. And because of that and the nature of being a high profile celebrity, a lot of things has been said about her life and that includes criticisms and gossip. But Blythe is never one to falter against haters. And in a recent interview with Karen Davila, the young star was her usual honest and unapologetic self addressing the hate she gets and how she truly feels about it.


In Karen Davila’s latest vlog interview, Andrea sat down with the veteran journalist to discuss her life, love, and career. She opened up about growing up as a child star, her family life, and more. During the interview, Karen remarked that a lot of Andrea’s career has been in of service to her family and getting them a better life. Her sweet home life is something she contrasted with how Andrea is sometimes depicted as a wild child on the internet. Blythe, while recognizing that she is a social person, admitted that those depictions felt unfair and even bothers her. “Isa ‘yun sa frustrations ko at frustrations din ng lahat ng kaibigan ko na sila mismo magsasabi sa akin na hindi mo ito deserve.”

She discussed how people sometimes assume the worst whenever Andrea does something, like when she did a beach clean up in Siargao and people though it was staged. Ultimately, no matter how silly a controversy Andrea finds herself in, she admits that the hate probably will not go away. “Kahit na anong gawin ko, wala talaga sa kakayanan ko na mabago yung panginging ng mga tao.


And speaking of controversies, Andrea also addressed those head on. First, she talked about her use of baby voice, an issue that became a trending topic after a video of her speaking like a baby went viral on social media. While some accused her of being cringe or fake, Andrea stated that her baby voice comes from her traumas growing up. “Voice ko talaga siya pero hindi siya yung napipili ko subconsciously. Bigla lang siya nag-switch.”

She explained that growing up in a broken family and with the absence of a father figure, she felt a part of her lacked that kind of support. She uses her baby voice as a coping mechanism of sorts. “Ang pagka-baby voice ko, sometimes good and bad kasi minsan lalabas siya kapag ibig sabihin komportable ako sa’yo or feeling ko may nakikita kong father figure or kuya figure sa iyo.” It’s a valid reason and one that is understandable, especially for people who have had to deal with childhood trauma or issues. People deal with their issues differently and for Blythe, it is through her use of baby voice. While some may find it weird, it is her way to cope with certain situations and is a part of her.  


When the conversation turned to her current boyfriend Ricci Rivero and their high profile relationship, Blythe was also game to swat down rumors that have hounded their relationship. For starters, she said that there was no third party as she met Ricci after she broke up with her previous ex, whom she described as her biggest heartbreak. The two got close when they discovered that they shared a common love for astrology. Blythe initially wanted to accept Ricci’s proposal only after the previous UAAP season was over. But she soon relented and thus that now memorable proposal was born.

It was actually during this time that Blythe admitted she was at one of her lowest with the combination of her recent heartbreak and loss of her tita taking its toll on her. But a pep talk from her mom inspired Blythe to persevere. “Laban pa rin ako, kailangan ako. Kailangan talaga ako ng family ko. Kailangan ko talagang maging matatag.” At the end of the day, she focused her mindset on the fact that she deserves to be happy and to experience good things with all that she has done in life. This is definitely something we can take to heart whenever the going gets tough.

Check out Andrea Brillantes’ full interview below.

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