AC Bonifacio Shut It Down With Her Latest BLACKPINK Dance Cover

Are you that surprised?

AC Bonifacio recently posted another BLACKPINK dance cover, this time to Shut Down. And as always, she didn’t disappoint.

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When BLACKPINK announced a few months ago that they were finally having their long-awaited comeback, the statement brought a cascade of good news. First, we got new music with their latest album, BORN PINK, in September. Afterwards, the group began their world tour, which is slated for a two-night stop in Manila come March 2023 at the Philippine Arena. And third, with new BLACKPINK music also comes the potential for a brand new AC Bonifacio dance cover.

That recently came our way when the young dancer and actress posted her dance cover of BLACKPINK’s Shut Down, which was equal parts sizzling and epic.


On October 29, AC answered the wishes of many when she finally gave us her latest BLACKPINK dance cover, this time for Shut Down. Her latest video sees her reunite with Chapters PH, the same company that worked with AC for her viral Money dance cover. Set what looks to be in an empty office space, AC goes hard with the choreography by the first ten seconds. She matches the angas energy of the track to a T as she goes from move to move with charisma.

AC even pulls quadruple duty once more by channeling all four members with looks that could have been taken straight from BP’s wardrobe. From Rose’s green fur coat to Jennie’s red hat, AC got the fits down. It takes a special kind of talent for you to be able to body all four members in one go. Meanwhile, the use of light blue and purple lights made for a nice look.


AC, with the help of dancers from the Dasmarinas Dance Company, was very much a baddie in control the whole time. AC Bonifacio is no stranger to covering BLACKPINK’s songs, whether it be on YouTube or TikTok, but as always, she is constantly making them her own. After all, she did take second place in the global How You Like That dance competition and has been praised by the group’s choreographers. As usual, her take on Shut Down did not disappoint. While it may have taken more than a year for AC to give us another BP cover, the wait was worth it.

Can you imagine if AC got to dance with BLACKPINK themselves when they perform in the country next March? It would literally shut down the entire Philippine Arena.

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