7 Filipino Cool Girl Collectives You’ll Want To Be A Part Of

A wise philosopher once said, "laban o bawi?"

To be surrounded by these women is empowering enough.

As unfortunate as it sounds, we were all born in a man’s world. But in the present age, it’s amazing to see more and more women raising their voice and taking up space—as they should! Smash the patriarchy, you know? Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to have role models and the right representation, especially for the young ones. Leading the way for women, we’ve rounded up 8 Filipina cool girl collectives that you’ll want to be a part of. The future is female and everything we do is for them. As the Chloe x Halle song goes, “do it for the girls.”

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Speaking of cool girls, The Litas is a worldwide all-female group who collectively loves raising hell with their motorcycles and we couldn’t be more thrilled upon knowing that a Manila chapter exists. Here’s to breaking the “babae kasi” stigma whenever you see a slowpoke on the road.


Crimson River is an all-Filipina group of talented tattoo artists. At this point, we’re getting tired of the phrase, “kababae mong tao, may tattoo ka.” So, getting inked by female artists Drew, Wiji, Annie, Kara, and Gigie is a strong statement against the patriarchy itself. You can book your appointments here.

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Who else didn’t want to grow up as an Amazon ala Wonder Woman? Well, look no further than our very own strong, sassy, and striking Lady Spikers. The official volleyball team of the De La Salle University has inspired young women all over the country to win championships and excel not just in sports, but in other fields they seek to pursue.


Let’s face it, The Sexbomb Girls were one of the definitive female groups of their time, and the lessons they left us with still ring true today. True queens and legends even pre-social media, these feisty Filipinas taught us to that in a laban o bawi situation, the only response is to fight. Get! Get! Aw!

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Here’s to all the women who came before us. The founders of She Talks Asia continue to engage in empowering conversations on and offline, sparking important conversation and encouraging the domino effect of change within the female Asian community. It was founded in 2017 by Bianca Gonzalez Intal, Victoria Herrera, Sarah Meier, Iza Calzado and Lynn Pinugu. Girl power indeed.


If you see girls in their colorful retro rollerblades around the BGC area, chances are high that they’re the founders of the roller skater group, Everywhere We Skate. What used to be a conversation between Chai Tambungco, Cloe Cabral and Pat Epistola became an online community on Facebook thriving with more than 6000 members who are all willing to learn the ropes of skating.

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