Who’s Your Bias? The Undefeated Style Moments Of The OG Sexbomb Girls

The Sexbomb Girls walked, so that Blackpink and Girls Generation could run.

If you didn’t grow up dancing to The Spaghetti Song flexing your non-existent bones, randomly shouting “Get Get Aww!” or simply outshining everybody at your Christmas party, sorry but you were raised wrong. We were reared by queens known as The Sexbomb Girls.

How on earth did a group of supposedly backup dancers-turned-multimedia stars raise an entire generation pre-social media? There was no TikTok, no Instagram, and no means for people to get to know them other than being a noontime show mainstay for almost a decade.


For your education, The Sexbomb Girls, aka the Best-Selling Philippine Female Group of All Time for almost 10 years, was comprised of dancers, singers, rappers and of course, visuals. If you were too young to remember as this tweet points out, Rochelle was the leader and main dancer/rapper (she also released a solo album), Jopay was the lead dancer who could also spit bars like Lisa (before viral hit songs like Catriona, there was Jopay by Mayonnaise), Izzy was the visual and lead vocal along with Weng, and both Monique and Yvette were main vocals, too. Did we mention they could act? Imagine the range and creativity they put into their 26-seasons long, 7-year drama series, Daisy Siete.

They were more than a triple threat. For many, they were role models that everyone looked up to and broke society’s standards of what it means to be a woman. Oh, and they might have predicted the COVID-19 outbreak, too. The Sexbomb Girls were a real phenomenon, the OG influencers, and TV Stars pre-KUWTK (to the point where someone even made a thesis about them). And in tough times, always remember, these ladies taught us we only have two choices in life: Laban o Bawi.

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sexbomb girls

No one was ready for the slayage of this era. For their debut album, The Sexbomb Girls took no prisoners. They were all about finally finding their silver lining—without realizing they were on their way to becoming the best-selling female group in Asia. Oh, and they also won 4x platinum awards for this album.


sexbomb girls

We can only imagine how their stylist created their iconic looks and honestly, we have no idea how you could look this good in the early 2000s. In the Y2K era, almost everyone had the strangest taste in fashion, but The Sexbomb Girls were ahead of their time.


sexbomb girls

Winning championships and endorsements in color-coordinated sports bras and leather boots? Your favorites could never. Thanks to this serve in their sophomore album, Round 2, your new gym outfit just got an upgrade.


sexbomb girls

As if their style wasn’t sharp enough, their choices when it came to hair and makeup were also the reason why our moms would often try fixing us up in the craziest hairstyles. During this time, Megan Thee Stallion’s viral TikTok dance wasn’t even the hit song yet, but the girls were already paving the way for the era of the fine, fierce, and fabulous female.


The UK may have had the Spice Girls in the 90s, but we had the Sexbomb Girls and they were all style icons in their own right. Those little black dresses? *chef’s kiss* We absolutely want to snatch Rochelle’s cutout dress, please.


This was a moment. A cultural reset. The styling for their album ‘Sexbomb: The Sexiest Hits 2’ definitely deserves more recognition. If you’re still looking for different ways to wear a scarf, this is the answer. The way they styled paisley prints and matching cutout dresses have more details than you even realize. Finally, a girl group who knows how to standout all at once.


sexbomb girls
sexbomb girls

Their third album, Bomb Thr3at, still remains undefeated and it’s not hard to see why. Unsurprisingly, they were also nominated in the Awit Awards for Best Album Packaging. Photo cards still weren’t a thing back then, but each recording artist knew they had to kill the lyrics book and the posters that came with it—including the outfits, of course. Welcome to the SB Multiverse, a dimension built for legendary women and legendary women only.

(Photos courtesy of @sbgirls.ph, @ladygaga and @sexbombarchive)