10 Tattoo Ideas That Manifest New Year, New Life

Yes. This is the sign you're looking for. Your body, your rules!

Is it wrong that we’re ~manifesting~ a desire to get freshly inked?

As the year begins, we could only hope that it isn’t season 2 of 2020. Not that jumping into another round of 365 days actually changes anything in a snap. But even just for a while, we can hope, right? With intentions pure and energy renewed, it is time to manifest the things you crave for by believing in its existence. What better way to immortalize this yearning for change in your life than by getting a new tattoo?

Attract only positive vibrations with these stunning tattoo ideas that we’ve rounded up—from the Lotus flower, nostalgic objects that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, to matching Santan bracelets with your sister or friend.

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The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth in many Eastern beliefs. Unsure of what size to get? Take cues from Lady Luster herself and either go big or go home.


Radiate with optimism, success, and contentment with a sun tattoo. Fun fact: this trump card is actually referred to as the best Tarot by many, and represents the universe coming together and agreeing with your path.


If you’re in need of protection and healing, these delicate hand-poked tattoos by local artist Venus Veritas serve as a reminder to keep our mind, body, and spirit in balance.


Miss the island life or simply longing for quick escape? Here’s a permanent memento to breathe and be still.


Inking phrases or words may be overrated to some, but repeatedly seeing mantras and affirmations to get us through the day actually help. Just be sure to not have any ragrets in the future.


At the end of the day, these colorful refractions and dispersions of light in water droplets will always give us hope and enlightenment.


The beauty in artist Ilona Fiddy’s work? She honors Filipino traditions and norms by hand-poking these elements, whether it’s a piece of her Lola’s crochet, or our local textiles. This is the perfect time to get a tattoo that hits close to home.


The sparkle tattoo is the glimmer of hope that we all yearn for after a long, exhausting year. We all deserve to grow and glow.


If you keep on seeing repeated numbers sequences, that’s what they call “angel numbers.” Seeing the same numbers is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel heard. It has a variety of meanings and it’s widely based on numerology.


Who else remembers doing this as a child? It’s funny how as kids, this was a symbol of friendship or at times, conflict. You know, when we’d have petty fights with our best friends and they’d snap the small thread connecting the santans? Good times.