These Filipina Cosplayers Are Elevating The Art To The Next Level

The best kind of transformation.

Talent, skill, and a passion for pop culture are some things these Filipina cosplayers have in common.

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The world of video games, anime, and all things in geeky pop culture has such a passionate fanbase that many are willing to go above and beyond to express their love. For some, that comes in the form of doing cosplay. A mix of the words costume and play, cosplay is the act of dressing up as any fictional character. But it goes above just dressing up in a costume as cosplayers embody their character, often in intricate and detailed looks.

The Philippines is no stranger to cosplay as it has a vibrant community. There are even cosplay-specific studios and locally organized conventions and events. But while the stereotype is that men dominate these fields, there are Filipinas out there who are more than capable of delivering A+ work. Not only are these women making a name for themselves, but their craft is making a space for other women to join in on the passionate hobby. Check out these Filipinas who express their love for all things geek through their excellent cosplay.


It’s safe to say that the Philippine cosplay scene wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for pioneers like Alodia. She was arguably the first Filipino whose cosplay hit the mainstream as she was tapped by and partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world. With a fanbase in the millions, Alodia is a star of the global cosplay scene. And while she may cosplay less often these days, she uses her position and influence to help others like her such as co-founding Tier One.   


Myrtle is known for many things—an actress, Kapuso star, and the winner of PBB Teen Edition 4. But to many, Myrtyle will always be known as an icon of the Philippine cosplay scene. As one of the most popular cosplayers in the country, she helped push cosplay into the forefront of pop culture. Even if she’s already years into her career, there’s little sign that this in-demand cosplayer and gamer is slowing down anytime soon.  


To some, cosplay is just a hobby done during their free time. But there are those who can turn that passion into a paying job. One successful cosplayer who does just that is Awie De Guzman, who more commonly goes by AWIE. Over the years, AWIE has been tapped by companies, such as Warner Bros., to get into cosplay for their latest projects. If she isn’t stepping out in looks with her partner, Prince de Guzman, the occasional photographer is bodying her latest take on a pop culture icon. If you’ve ever been to a local movie premier or event, there’s a chance you may have seen AWIE in cosplay as one of your favorite characters.


With hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media pages, Charess has made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after Filipina cosplayers in the country. A peek into her excellent portfolio shows why. It is no wonder then that she was chosen by Riot Games to serve as the official cosplayer of Valorant’s first Filipino agent, Neon. She’s the closest we have to an IRL Neon.


One of the best things about cosplay is how people can transform into a completely different person. That’s something Kitz Cua does so well. Her cosplay transformations have gone viral in the past which has helped her rake in over 500,000 followers on TikTok alone. Aside from that, Kitz is also a game streamer and does aerial dancing on the side. Talk about multi-talented.


With her level of cosplay, Geneva is here to school the kids how it’s done. And probably because it’s her day job since she’s a high school teacher. This cosplayer is also a model, events host, and ambassador, and has been in a few commercials.


Being the first of anything is a big honor to hold. Just ask Aryanna, the content creator and cosplayer who’s been at it since she was 14 years old. While fans may know her for her amazing Valorant cosplay, like for Killjoy, Aryanna had the humble flex of working with Riot Games for major projects. In particular, LoL character Zeri was recently added to the roster of League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Aryanna was picked by the company to be the first official cosplay to welcome the update.


Cosplay is more than just dressing up as your fave characters. It can unleash a whole new person from inside you. Just take a look at Lia Bear and her attention-grabbing cosplays. If you frequent cosplay events around the metro, you may spot Lia and the impeccable way she can turn heads.


Roxanne and her partner, Zack “Zackt” Tolosa, are the definition of cosplay royalty. But her solo work is more than enough for this talented professional cosplayer. We would pick a favorite look from her, but there are too many to choose from. Aside from cosplay, Roxanne is also a gamer, streamer, and ambassador for MSI Gaming Philippines.


With a love for the visual and performing arts and all things geek, Carla Vergara entered the world of cosplay. And nearly a decade later, she’s still going strong as one of the local cosplay scene’s favorite Filipina personalities. Outside of her cosplay work, Carla is also a freelance host. (Fun fact: Her name of FoxRots comes from the word Foxtrot with rot coming from her love of horror and gore.)


With expertise in wig styling and makeup, Hippochi us a human chameleon with the way she can shape-shift to any character she chooses to cosplay as. There’s a level of quality consistency this talented cosplayer displays on a regular basis.


Fans of the local cosplay scene may be familiar with Asakura Ysa, more commonly known as Arsene Imagery. Not only is she a veteran cosplayer, but she’s also a sought-after photographer. Need someone to capture your cosplay? She’s the woman to call. And if that wasn’t enough, she also runs her own studio where budding cosplayers can book their shoots.  


Do you know what’s better than doing cosplay? Doing cosplay with your friends. That’s what New Game+ is about. This group is composed of friends who all share a love for cosplay and get together to do just that. From detailed looks to put-together concepts, you definitely need to give the women of this cosplay group a follow. Let them serve as inspo or an example of high-quality cosplay.   


A self-described “Mega Dork,” MJ Ronquillo, who goes by Mira Rae, is one Pinay cosplayer that should be on your follow list. Her stunning looks and transformation touch upon a wide variety of sources, from anime to video games, TV shows, and more.


Aya began her cosplay career in 2014 and has had a fruitful career since. After making a name for herself in the local cosplay scene, Aya has expanded her resume to include being a host, streamer, gamer, and more. You can also catch her on Tier One as one of their hosts.

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