Every Member Of TWICE Finally Has An Instagram Account. Here’s How It’s Going

Welcome to Instagram queens.

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Up until recently, if ONCEs wanted to see more of TWICE on Instagram, they would go to their shared IG account, @twicetagram. On it, the members would share personal pics and other behind-the-scenes fun. But that era has mostly come to an end. In great news for many fans, each member of TWICE recently launched their own personal IG account a little over a week ago following their encore shows at the Banc of California Stadium. And speaking of, we love how every member’s first post is the same group pic from the concert.

At the time of this writing, most members have cleared four million followers, some even closing in on five million and counting. While this development is great news for fans who want to see more of TWICE, this also gives us the opportunity to see how each member would approach a personal account. So, here’s how the members of TWICE are taking over Instagram, so far.


Let’s start things off with the maknae of the group, Tzuyu. As of this writing, the visual of the group has already reached 4.6 million followers. And that’s even if she’s only has four posts so far. Already, she gets bonus points for her creative username, @thinkaboutzu. Yes, Tzuyu, we are thinking about you. In terms of her IG game, it’s so far been pretty normal with a couple of selfies and pics from their New York trip. But we love how she posted a bare faced selfie. She looks gorgeous and we hope for more of these unfiltered moments.


The fact that Chaeyoung’s profile pic is her in a face mask already makes her a winner in our book. With just four posts so far, the main rapper of TWICE is also on the light side of posting. But that hasn’t stopped 4.2 million people from following her. Under the username @chaeyo.0, she has posted about art and a couple of pics of herself. Can we just say though, we love how we can see Chaeyoung’s tattoos. It’s about time her tattoos aren’t censored and we get to appreciate them.  


With the username @dahhyunnee, Dahyun keeps things simple, but cute. So far, most of her pics are her out and about. But already, the lead rapper of TWICE has given us some major posing inspo like that pic of her posing by the park café.


Speaking of posing inspiration, Mina showed the girls how it’s done. With the username @mina_sr_my, Mina has given us pics that show off her grace and beauty, as well as fun and effortless poses to do the next time you’re out in town. On one hand, we get sweet Mina. On the other, she treats us to Sharon, aka her English name.


At seven posts so far, Jihyo has the most posts out of all the members. And as the leader of TWICE, she made sure to satisfy ONCEs with her feed. Under the username _zyozyo, she has shared aesthetic photos of her trips abroad. Jihyo isn’t also afraid to get goofy as seen in this pizza pic that we wouldn’t mind getting a bite of.


With 4.9 million followers and counting, Sana is the most followed member of the group so far. Most of her posts are photod of herself that capture her beauty both in staged poses or candid mirror selfies. But regardless of the pose she’s in, Sana looks great. You can find her under the username @m.by__sana.


With 4.8 million followers and counting, Momo takes the spot as the second most followed member so far. With the username @momo, we are majorly impressed that she managed to get that username considering how common and popular that name is. We don’t know what magic JYP Entertainment pulled on Instagram, but clearly, it worked. Impressive username aside, most of Momo’s posts have been pics of herself. Though we love how we get to see her red cheeks.


Creative usernames must have been on the agenda when TWICE made their individual IG accounts because Jeongyeon has one of the best among all the members. A play on her company JYP, her username is @jy__piece. At just three posts so far, the lead vocalist of TWICE hasn’t posted much yet. (Hopefully she didn’t lose her password.) But we do appreciate how her posts show us how healthy she’s been lately. She looks so good. Now, go give Jeongyeon a follow.  


What has the lead vocalist and lead dancer of TWICE been up to lately? Well, based on her IG feed, she’s been a bit busy. User @nayeonyny has shared pics of herself looking tourist chic during her trip to America. She also began promoting her upcoming solo debut, her highly anticipated mini-album, IM NAYEON, which you can pre-order now. Whatever she does next and the other members really, we can’t wait to see it.

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