Here Are Some Of The Dream Collabs The Internet Has Come Up With For The Next Fast-Food Meal

We're patiently waiting for the next dream collab.

A Sarah G Jollibee meal with Ikot-Ikot twister fries? A Taylor Swift meal from Jollibee that’s inspired by 1989. A Jolina Magdangal meal with free butterfly clips? Where do we sign up?

The BTS McDonald’s meal is finally here in the Philippines and both ARMY and non-ARMY have been trying the meal. The launch of the collaboration was intense with dozens of McDo branches decorating for the occasion in all things purple and people racing to be the first to try it. It’s safe to say then that the hype was real and is still going strong. The popularity of the BTS Meal has then led the internet to think of what other collaborations fast food places can have with other stars and the results are something. Always expect the internet to deliver on creativity. Here are some of the suggestions we found on social media.

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Ben&Ben McDonald’s Meal

Local folk band Ben&Ben got the collaboration treatment with this mock-up of what a Ben&Ben McDo meal would look like. The drawing was made by 18-year-old Karr Cedric Camalig who shared it on his Facebook page and it soon went viral. The design incorporates a deep blue color scheme as well as designs from Ben&Ben’s album and single artworks. According to Camalig, if he were to fill the meal, it would have 9 nuggets for the 9 members or a burger.

Jolegendary Meal

To this day, Jolina Magdangal remains a Pinoy pop culture icon with her aesthetic still influencing the current generation. It’s no surprise then that this edit of a possible collaboration between Jolina and McDonald’s incorporates her aesthetics. Dubbed the Jolegendary Meal, it comes with pink and green colored burgers as well as a container with the name Jolina Mac Dangal on it. It also comes with fries and what looks like a sundae or float. The best part is that the meal comes with free butterfly clips so you can live your best Jolina fantasy.

The Pop Star Meal

If BTS could get their own meal from McDonald’s, so to could Sarah Geronimo for Jollibee given that she is one of their endorsers. This mock-up was created by RVINXXXTIAN on Instagram and imagines what a meal collaboration between the pop princess and Jollibee would look like. There is a Coke Sarah drink, a play on coach Sarah from her time in The Voice, and star-shaped Tala nuggets which gets its name from her song of the same name. There is also Ikot-Ikot twister fries, another one of her songs, and the fact that you have free delivery even if it’s farther than a kilometer, a reference to her song, Kilometro. Aside from the fact that there are many well-placed references to Sarah’s work in the design, it actually looks good and we wouldn’t mind trying the twister fries.

The Song Bird Meal

Speaking of local music superstars, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid also got the fast-food collaboration treatment with this possible design of how her meal from Jollibee would look like. Created once again by RVINXXXTIAN, the collaboration comes with Cripsy Wings of Love, a reference to her song On The Wings of Love, and a Coke float. The tagline of “Free Delivery Araw-Gabi” is a nod to her song Araw-Gabi. We hope Jollibee is paying attention because we would buy Jollibee chicken wings.

SexBomb Jollibee Meal

Another local group that could get their own meal is the SexBomb girls and it could be a collaboration with Jollibee. Their famous spaghetti and an ube sundae, what’s not to like about that? Not only are they references to their past work, but it would also make for a great combo.

1989 (Taylor’s Version) Jollibee Meal

Taylor Swift is currently re-releasing all her old albums so what’s stopping Taylor from releasing her own fast-food meal. One fan envisioned how it would look like by creating an edit of a 1989 version of her Jollibee collaboration. It looks great and we can already imagine what can be included with it. We’re thinking Jollibee Style spaghetti with Shake It Off fries, and Clean Chicken Joy.

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