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Donnalyn Bartolome Assembled An All-Star Cast To Play A Filipino Version Of Squid Game

Are you cut out for it?

Donnalyn, Richard Juan, MNL48’s Coleen, and more came together and tried their luck at succeeding in a real-life Filipino Squid Game.

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Squid Game has become such a cultural phenomenon that it has transcended just being a TV show on Netflix. The thrilling K-series that has hooked millions of viewers around the world has inspired many to dress up as the characters this past Halloween, as well as recreate the show’s games in real life. But have you ever imagined what it would be like if Squid Game was held in the Philippines? Well, wonder no more as Donnalyn Bartolome did just that.


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On November 2, Donnalyn uploaded The Filipino Squid Game on her YouTube channel. The video saw her and her friends try out the different games featured in the hit show with a Filipino twist, minus the violence and killing. But Donnalyn didn’t just get a random group of friends—she assembled a list of some of her famous friends to join. And the best part is that each player tried to match how their character looked on the show.

Donnalyn was Han Mi-Nyeo/Player 212. Paul Salas was Cho Sang-Woo/Player 218. MNL48’s Coleen was Ji-Yeong/Player 240. Marvin Fojas was Ali/Player 199. Baron Geisler was Gi-hun/Player 456. Richard Juan was Sae-byeok/Player 067 with a matching wig. Ghostwrecker was Jang Deok-Soo/Player 101. Finally, Rastaman was the old man/Player 001.

True to the show, they wore green tracksuits and staff wore red outfits. The guns were replaced with water guns, of course. The gang played four games from the show in sets that recreated the show’s look. The winner would receive a 30,000 peso cash prize.


For game one, they played Red Light, Green Light with comedian Boobsie serving as the doll. But the twist was that they had to do it while wearing sacks, so it became like a sack race. For game two, they did the dalgona challenge with the twist being that the candy was replaced with polvoron and they had to use a hammer to cut out the shape. Game three was tug-of-war. But instead of falling down a large pit, the losing team fell on a pile of worms. The last game was the mirror bridge, with the bridge being suspended over a pool of water.

Donnalyn’s video was only part one though with the tug-of-war and mirror bridge coming in part two. But the video is already a worthwhile watch with its local and inventive takes on the show as well as the effort she placed in it. Plus, it’s always fun to watch Donallyn and her famous friends get into all sorts of fun and crazy situations. Watch the video below and see which celeb makes it to the end.

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